Russia Warns US on Nuclear Threats; China Global Times Hints at US Responsibility for Nord Stream

Russia To Admit Regions, Warns US on Nuclear Threats; China’s Global Times Hints at US Responsibility for Nord Stream Attacks
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  1. has russia lost all of it's leverage now that Nord stream 1 and 2 are destroyed? Europe cannot buckle now to pressure during a cold winter and have no choice now but to continue to support the war….I also don't know how United States gets away with this and is not considered a state sponsor of terror or ir russia retaliates against this but boy…this was a bold move by Biden for sure

  2. Uktanians in Ukrainian held territories close to the front line have been leaving Ukraine for the Russian held territory. Unfortunately 2 seosrate groups of civilians were fired on causing 30 in one group to be killed and25 in another group plus many casualties. Their has been increasing numbers crossing over to the Russian held territory for months now.

  3. When do you go to be mobilized? The russian champion of ice patination is already hidden because he received a friendly letter to be ready to go to Ukraine. Even the LGBT members can't scape, isn't it?

  4. no negociation table ; end this , when you see what the other side side is capable of ( telling u to be green but blowing up pipes and sending millions of tons of methane in the atmosphere) , f em . I'm ready for the nuclear blast , i'm already radioactive.

  5. This Ukrainian army which is now fully under the command and control of NATO tells us quite alot about NATO and it's decision making doesn't it, Ukraine with it's superior numbers of manpower have had small victories here and there and what can best be described as a major victory in Kharkov, however the ability to follow up and maintain their hold onto these victories hasn't come about and you have to ask yourself why ! with the continued arms supply, the use of private and military satellites giving minute by minute intel and yet they are still unable to hold or push back the Russian military, one answer to this could be that their are Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians within the NATO command structure. When I started serving the Brit Mil back in the late 70's up to the early 90's all of my training was done with Russia in mind and most of us understood that if it were to come we would probably get rolled over by the Russian army very quickly, it would seem that nothing has changed. NATO / the west really really wants a war with Russia but it knows it will not be victorious hence the continued posturing and waffle about the Nuclear element being used. Ukraine has lost this war, the west has lost this war, it doesn't matter how long the west wants to drag this out for.

  6. if the Ukrainian losses are so heavy why are the russian retreating from Lyman? your reporting definitely has many discrepancies almost as many as the russian army if you can even call it an army at this point

  7. lol the russian soldiers didnt leave after 6 months they were killed. as always your reporting is totally incoorect. how can you even be allowed to broadcast this garbage ??

  8. Mr. Mercouris' cynicism about the referendums might be mitigated somewhat if he saw the reports by Canadian reporter on the ground by the name of Eva Bartlett. She interviewed several international observers as did an American journalist, Patrick Lancaster, who has been in the region for several years reporting on events. When asked if they had voted 'at the barrel of a gun' they scoffed indignantly or laughed at the suggestion.

  9. USA have at least 11 subs any one can wipe Russia of the map without anything else, Russia may have 6000 to do what a 1000 would do pointless most would never be launched Russia would be gone long before they launched them

  10. The next step is that the US is/will bomb (nuke?) European city's, and blame the Russians of it. All incidents, wherever and how, are the USA to blame for….right? Russia was always a peacfull country. So is the US. To my opinion both parties have actions to blame for. We will never know the truth.
    About the pipeline destruction, I guess the Indians of South America did it. So… nuke the Amazone! Bloody trees!

  11. About the blast up of the Nord Stream pipeline…. how trustfully is the USA, like here and in some comment mentioned, and are against a European, Russian coöperation? How trustfully are the Chinese? Who have good terms with Rusia, but not with the USA. How trustfully is Russia? Superpowers have one thing in common, they lie and cheat. "Devida et Empera" Divide and Rule, the ancient Romans already knew. Humans (in power) will never change. The first victem in a war is the TRUTH.

  12. Sir, thank you always for a most wonderful and informative program!
    However, please can I offer to buy you a proper webcam so that I dont get epilepsy from the flashing and aids from the over exposure:) Love from South Africa

  13. All this nuclear talk it would take a total idiot to start a nuclear war keep in mind Russia is not the only country with nuclear weapons everybody talks like they’re the only ones with that capability they’re the only ones stupid enough to start that kind of war

  14. Russian war culture is very different from the European one and much more even from the US one. Russians are extremely patient compared to the hectic Americans. It is very difficult for the anglo-saxons to predict Russian army behavior. Russians often need real losses to develop urgency and. War has no rules. And thus war is the most volatile action space for humans. This requires to quickly learn and adapt. There the Russian mentality has a disadvantage. Russia will have to resort to the deployment of massive conventional forces in order to close this war now within a reasonable time frame. Drawing out the war without major successes will damage the current government. This might be the moment for hardliners. They would certainly enjoy a the support of the majority of the people of Russia.

  15. Sanctions against Russia weren't working, so the U.S./Israel, blew up the pipeline.
    The next step, is to get China trade with Russia cut off, to further isolate Russia.

    How Judea is going to accomplish that is the million dollar question.

  16. I would have never thought that the pipelines would be bombed.

    Otoh, I think that (except for the fact of almost simulatounous explosions on 3 locations), a private enterprise could have pulled this one off. With the caveat above, a simultanous attack multiplies the amount of persons, equipment, expertise etc to pull it off, but you don´t even have to be George Soros type of rich to do it.

    The baltic sea is a well-mapped out sea. Considering the size of other oceans, it´s more like a lake, really. All the depths are rather well known. The geolocations of the mostly east-west running pipeline should be easily findable.

    An unsuspicious vessel, a sailing boat with all the necessary (and common) navigation equipment could easily find the pipeline with an underwater pressurestable drone with a camera – 70 meters is 8 bar – by sailing north-south-north etc.

    Once you have found a nice spot, you attach a rock or something heavy to the pipeline, with a buoy on a rope. You note the place on a map and sail on.

    Ofc. You are not suspicious, because you are just having fun with a drone underwater. No drugs, weapons, explosives, mini-nukes or anything of that kind on board of that vessel.

    That´s the mapping crew.

    The next crew could do the job. They find the buoy in a second run. They attach a very strong cable or a chain in the second run, and attach a even more heavy weight in steps towards the ground near the blast target.

    Once these are in place, you drop the explosives into the sea.
    Gravity will pull it down, the cable will make sure to direct the explosives towards the target.

    Have a nice timed detonater and get out of there.

    These attacks show several things imho:
    Whoever did this: We have a roman gladiator´s net protecting us from the mosquitoes at night.

    Security at sea is so tight as my dead grandmother´s barn door attempting to keep the field mice out…

  17. What many people forget, some willfully, is that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine started long ago, even before 2014. We remember how Eastern European governments were forced to join Nato, so quickly after Gorbachov's shocking mistake, to trust the US/west. Ukraine was always seen as the next step of US attack on Russia.. Henceforth, here we are in limited war.. but one that can escalate into ww3, where the world will change forever. It's very doubtful that Europe and the US will survive a nuclear ww3 war. They are simply not prepared. No nuclear bunkers for the populations, much smaller territory than Russia, and older slower delivery of their nuclear missiles, old air defence systems, which are useless against new Russian hypersonic missiles..which, by the way, the US has tried to develop for the last 22 years, but always failed to produce.
    On the other side, the Russian nuclear arsenal is far more modern and superior in all the critical areas, ie. fast pinpoint delivery, and proven, effective air defence systems, eg. s300, 400, + variety of high altitude, proven systems. These are facts, that anyone who has followed the nuclear debates should be aware of.. it's been going for many long years, and things are constantly changing. But surprisingly, even people who should know better, are still fixed in concrete nuclear thinking of 50 years the Cold war period, when MAD was widely accepted by all. Today however, we find ourselves in a very different world.. unpredictable, with crazy inexperienced people in charge of sections of society, that can push us all, over the edge..into self destruction.
    We also live in unprecedented time of anti Russia hate and 24/7 western Propaganda.
    Yet, Putin continues to hold out his hand, and offer to make Peace. Which annoys many Russians and western supporters. We have never seen Peace arrive, after such rude language and inability of western politicians to behave appropriately towards a whole country.. and let's face it, it isn't any country, but a Superpower which has protected the whole world from the worst dictatorships, on number of occasions, and has led by good example, in so many areas of life.
    The US projects power by its huge propaganda machine, by domination of UN administrations, and especially by domination of economic levers of power, which other western allies make possible, often putting own publics at disadvantage. The US dollar is a prime example. And it's interesting how it dominates in conjunction with Propaganda.. for example, on world media services, it isn't reported as unreasonably high in value, but rather the local currency is reported as being weak. This is a manipulation of the real situation, where other currencies remain rather stable against each other, but all fall against the US dollar. There is much more to discuss about today's strange economic days, of our world.. later perhaps.
    P.S. I wouldn't take these assumed troop number seriously..on both sides. But it's very likely that Zelensky outnumbers Russian forces, at least 2 to 1. But troop numbers are not as meaningful, as once they were.

  18. Very respectful of you to refer to "it" as the special military operation. I think, if i counted correctly, you said "Special Military Operation" 14 times. Well done brother/. You work is appreciated

  19. Alexander have you seen BBC & various MANY on Utube, they GONE Stark raving bonkers! American media is saying that Russian side ran off in a hurry when they saw Ukraine coming…it shows in Japan where they show uneaten breakfast plates abandoned on the table…they say `a peak at the truth, Ukraine wins again while Russian leave breakfast in a hurry!

  20. I'm really starting to doubt why I subscribe to your Channel how could you be even suggesting that this referendum is legitimate 97% 87 98 this is nonsense these are the results do you believe they are legitimate if you do you're a laughing stock

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