Russia will Pay Debts in Rubles (Will Central Banks Comply?)

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Written by Zoon Politikon

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  1. Japan has already paid Russia under the Japan-Russia Fisheries Agreement. However, Japan keeps it secret whether it pays in rubles, yen or dollars. And the gas payments from Russia's Sakhalin have not been made public in which currency Japan is making.

    Russia's Sakhalin gas was jointly developed by Japan and Russia.

    From Russia, some car makers are being asked to come back.

    Last year, a major Japanese bank withdrew from the United States.

    Toyota recently moved its factory from California to Texas and paid for the relocation of its employees.

    But the funny thing is that Japan has recently increased its amount of US Treasuries and has the most in the world.

    Perhaps Japan is preparing for the launch of the MAGA government.

    Inflation, soaring gasoline prices, and food shortages are not noticeable in Japan so far.

    I'm hoping that a strong America will come back.

  2. Hi Holly. Hey have you ever noticed all the big YouTuber’s throw the symbols like 👌 ??? Everyone from Sean Hanity to Jimmy Dore throw the gang signs. Think your channel would blow up more if you started playing along? You’re one of the channels i still trust in your not tryna do hypnosis on your audience. Keep it real, Holly. Best for your karma. 🧿

  3. Levity in two parts: With your head approaching the ceiling, and above the jam of the door, I beg to ask, where is the rabbit? Furthermore, advice from long ago under the old oak tree, I heard the mad hatter say while slipping in Bengay, “Save clamshells for trading, and trade only with those you love. Trade with Paper, Scissors, Rock! And by all means do not far stray.”❤

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