Russiagate target Kilimnik speaks out on ‘spy’ claims, Trump-Russia conspiracy theories

Pushback with Aaron Maté
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In the last year, US government, intelligence, and Congressional bodies have accused former Paul Manafort aide Konstantin Kilimnik of being a “Russian intelligence officer” or “Russian influence agent” who passed secret Trump campaign polling data to Russia in 2016. The FBI has even issued a $250,000 reward for Kilimnik’s arrest on a lowly witness tampering charge — more than double the amount for six murderers on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.

In exclusive audio excerpts, Konstantin Kilimnik talks to Aaron Maté about the explosive — and evidence-free — US government claims about him. Despite his supposed central role in the Trump-Russia saga, Kilimnik says that no US government investigator has ever contacted him. He believes it’s his Russian passport, not any actual evidence, that put him in the US intelligence crosshairs.

To make the Russiagate narrative work, Kilimnik says, “they needed a f—–g Russian. I happen to be that f——g Russian.”

Guest: Konstantin Kilimnik. Ukrainian-Russian political consultant and former aide to Paul Manafort. Wanted by the FBI on a $250,000 bounty for a witness tampering indictment in the Mueller investigation. Neither the FBI or Mueller probe ever contacted him.

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  1. Talk about beating a dead horse. The ppl that know our gov't, media, courts, education and criminal just us are fubar'd, already know, and those that don't there's nothing you can do or say to convince them because they are beyond the ability to convince, they are Dunning-Kruger Effect sufferers.

    We are already passed pointing out the hypocrisy, everyone concedes the point. You have to now bring the tyranny into disrepute by simply satiring and laughing at them. Without the consent of an obedient public, no group of pipsqueeks could rule. Just Don't Comply! Very simple, 500 year old solution, and it's worked over and over. If you haven't read it, pls, if you have time do so… it comes as a free pdf or a free audiobook. The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude.

  2. Aaron, like always 100% credibility by turning and checking every single word fallen during this sad theratre. You should not work as a You Tuber, but peoples like you should have jobs where trust is a most important thing. Unfortunatelly we live in s fake world, but it calms my soul to know that peoples like you with real integrity can be heared on a YT channel fact checking thr lies of today's politicians snf politics. My deepest respect for the job you do.

  3. @Aaron Maté: I know you primarily look into imperialism topics. But can you guys from the grayzone look at the stock markets and the money printing of the central banks? We stand at the edge of the next global financial crisis and this time its not going to be as "easy" as in 2008. Please just look at the data and at the warning signals. It`s obvious but not many people see through. Thanks for your work. Good job.

  4. Someone just clicks their fingers, makes shit up and they have access to a never ending pit of public money. What a farce

  5. Good journalism, but too long after the fact. What journalists like Aaron Mate are doing is fantastic, but the real damage caused by these swamp dwellers and their mass media stooges is done, and the narrative has been moved on. However we should not look past the fact that a legitimately elected US President was undermined and rendered ineffective by unelected alphabet agencies and public officials. And that should be a concern for all those that still hold a belief in democracy, whether you loved or loathed Trump.

  6. I can't get enough of Grayzone debunking of Russia as bogeyman. This is the right side of history to be on, and the powers that be are relying on the power of confusion & laziness to bury the truth. So thanks for the hard work, you have people like me listening, taking notes, and keeping the truth alive.
    I recently made a post to a new NYT story (Brooklyn Federal Inquiry into Trump/Ukrainian (via Guiliani) election interference) wherein I wrote a summary of Grayzone analysis. They sent me the usual notice of it's posting (as is their policy) and when I clicked the link to see if I had replies, the page read "The comment you are looking for is currently unavailable."
    If you are precise refuting NYT agitprop, they censor it even after posting it.

  7. Try to get an interview with Maria Butina, Aaron. I saw that she actually is part of a human rights group now in Russia. She also did an interview with Navalny where she confronted him with his asocial and elite behavior in prison and compared his prison circumstances with hers in the USA.

  8. Who ever even heard of "pages & pages" of US presidential polling data? What would that be, voter prefs broken down by height, weight, & eye color? It's valueless stuff the press uses to create daily stories where they are too lazy to actually do work. Think it out in reverse: Ask the question: What "polling data" WOULD be highly valuable to a foreign power? I can't think of any. Poll data is trivial stuff.