Russian Aircraft Falls Out of the Sky Over Ukraine | Russo – Ukrainian War 2022

A large russian aircraft, likely a transport or bomber stalled and rapidly lost altitude over Ukraine. The aircraft crashed and everyone aboard was killed. Video does not include crash. Exact model of the aircraft is unkown.

Footage recorded on February 24th, sometime in the afternoon.

Written by American 001


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  1. I don't think russian will use theire airplane in such a stupid way…ukrain has lost all it airbases..radars and all air defences batteries even AA guns are mostly destroyed in the first hours..that explains the speed move of mechanized and armored divisions to Kiev…it's a copy of Egyptian war 67

  2. Bayraktary , another Turkish trash delivered to Ukraine . Shot down , or blinded , their air defense of the Russian Federation . Four of them were shot down over Ukraine , the name of the video is complete nonsense .

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