Russian Aircraft Shot Down Into Kyiv Reservoir

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Footage reportedly shows a Russian helicopter shot down over the Kyiv Reservoir, north of Kyiv city. A thick cloud of smoke can be seen rising from the water as more wreckage splashes down onto the water’s surface.

Interestingly, one of the pilots rides a parachute down into the water after safely ejecting, which could mean that the destroyed aircraft was actually a jet. However, the Russian KA-52 Alligator is equipped with a catapult crew rescue system that uses an ejection and rocket-parachute. The aircraft was more than likely a KA-50/52 variant. If you, the reader, has any input sound off in the comments.

We are doing our best to balance timeliness with accuracy as we present the footage that is rapidly pouring from this kinetic situation. We may not get it all right. We appreciate constructive feedback from the community in the comments.

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  1. Gen Jack Ripper: Mandrake when you were captured did they torture you?
    Mandrake: Yes they did Jack.
    Gen Jack Ripper: Did you talk?
    Mandrake: Well I don't think they wanted me to talk Jack. They were just having a bit of fun with me the dirty bastards.

  2. Enemy soldiers or not, we are all humans and as long as nobody commit atrocities we should save each other, no reason for soldiers to die because of some policians.

  3. When brothers are forced to fight by their leadership, they don't automatically become enemies. The Russian people never wanted this war, and the Ukrainian people know that.
    They would no more shoot that defenceless pilot than shoot their own brother.

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