Russian Aircraft Shot Down Over Kyiv Explosion | Russo – Ukrainian War 2022

Multiple views of a Russian aircraft being shot down over Kyiv. It is suspected to be either a bomber or IL-76. It is believed that Ukrainian short range air defense was responsible for the shoot down. Russia claims that Russian air defense shot down a Ukrainian aircraft over Kyiv.

Footage recorded on February 25th, 4:50 AM.

Written by American 001


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  1. this was a ukrainian SU-27 shot down by russian BUK anti air defense system from the nearby russian controled airport. should check ur sources given that ukraine claimed this was a cruise missile shot down. considering what was left of the aircraft crashed into a apartment complex in kiev

  2. Regardless of the outcome, this is 100% the beginning of the end of russia.
    Even if pootin wins, the russia will become the next North Korea. Isolated, lonely, dying. With a detached from reality psychopath in power.
    If russia looses, pootin's head will be on the platter for the entire russian society.
    Option 3. If russia wins and in order not to become the next north Korea, becomes an asset completely owned by china.

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