Russian Aircraft Shot Down Over Kyiv | Russo – Ukrainian War 2022

Russian aircraft, most likely a bomber was shot down over Kyiv on the 25th of January, 4:50 AM local time. Ukrainian air defense systems have now shot down a suspected total of 9 aircraft. The shootdown comes after rumors spread about a mass bombing campaign over Kyiv an hour earlier.

Footage recorded on February 25th, 4:50 AM local time.

Written by American 001


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  1. I pray the Russians take heavy losses and retreat despite the odds being stacked against Ukraine. This will be the end of Putin. Do not forget countries with significantly less have won wars against giants. By the time Russia count their losses their military would have weakened then whoever wants to join the party can join the party

  2. American Bots = Afghan army Is now in the Taliban Stronghold
    Result a walkover for Taliban .
    Same American bots = Ukraine shot down a Russian Jet. Meanwhile Russians are near Ukrainian Capital inches from victory

  3. Only the “big” like US and UK, maybe Germany and Poland could answer for ukraine being attacked. Countries like Hungary, CZ, SL, RO, they are all powerless. If the small countries try to take part in this war, that will instantly lead to a world war, WITH NUKE missiles, and just think about that some small countries could be wiped out entirely by just ONE missile instantly, or even the whole EU, russia said if anybody will try to stop them – they will do things that not happened yet in our history = it means GLOBAL MISSILE war, the end of the peace worldwide just as back in ww2. Thats What nobody wants and not talks about. Thats Why everybody sits on their ass rn and not helping Ukraine out. Ukraine could end this invasion in a second by sacrificing their minister/leader who just talks talks and talks BUT NOT FIGHTING! Hes useless and gives weapon all to the inno people who will die because of it.

  4. This is a "caliber" rocket
    They are destroying the military infrastructure so that there is no resistance and a minimum of casualties . Putin is tired of Ukraine being used as a puppet to tease Russia!

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