Russian Assault Units Have Entered BAKHMUT!

The Siege of Bakhmut takes a dramatic turn as Ukrainian defenders get pushed back to the city’s outskirts. Perhaps Ukraine is trading men for time, while it builds a second line of defence further West of Bakhmut.

Newsweek article:

How Azerbaijan Defeated Armenia in 44 Days:

Defense Politics Asia Map:

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  1. 15:37 So wait that means Russia’s most elite forces of the Wagner mercenary group and the VDVR currently being held off by groups of Ukrainian of which 80% of them have never fired a gun.

    To anyone who is actually watching this nitwit are you actually listing?

  2. 16:45 this is another very frustrating thing about watching this guy, Russia has been attempting to guards figures very closely as well but that’s not mentioned. This is a constant one side of a trail which is part of the MO of a paid Russian propagandist

  3. 16:52 notice he doesn’t back it up with anything of substance his estimate. There’s no statistics here there’s no sources there’s no channels or references or interviews.

    He cops out of this by adding I’m gonna make a separate video but you can at least give something to justify this

  4. A detailed breakdown of Ukraine casualties broken down by region, unit, etc. would be your most monumental video of this war thus far. Nobody seems to know, yet there are many people who would love to have a solid, educated estimation.

  5. It's all rubbish the Russians are taking crazy casualties compared to Ukraine. I have too friends in Ukraine they have seen the Russian world war 1 and 2 style wave attacks over and over. he's a dick and knows nothing.

  6. 😂😂😂 Oh wooow! 200 hundred tanks thats a very large number! Also talk about the more than 200 mercenaries "wagner group" that were killed by himars recently.. Let Putin send 200 400 600 or 1000 freshly made tanks more then likely they will end up Blown up like the last almost 3000 😂😂 they stupid Russian army have been trying to take Bakhmut for the past 10 months and all they find is death, including thousands of innocent freshly mobilized men.. No matter how hard you scream shout or act stupid with your fake news and updates in your videos Russia is losing and will lose this war 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Its better to kill 10,000 Ivans today on something you can afford to lose, then fight them tomorrow on something you can't. Bakhmut will likely fall but they will have rinse and repeat twice that's much much more Ivan meat.

    General Patton once said about the Russians " I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian has no regard for human life and is an all-out (S O B), barbarian, and chronic drunk.”

  8. Belarus is about to enter from their front though according to USA military information ….. if this is true everything we've been told is wrong (that Russia is not guna push for a gain in the winter ) … or is it that Iran has supplied Russia enough to allow them to attack from all flanks ?

    Russia has done one thing so far and that's surprised us with their lack of conviction against a army that 2 years ago world perception would have taught Russia would walk over ….. in the early days America even gave Ukraine 2 weeks at most til their fall…. so who knows what will happen . Belarus isn't the best equipped but men on the ground firing bullets is still a threat Ukraine need to defend against .

  9. Azerbaijan won a war in 45 days with a smaller army & fewer tanks than the Russian's had when they 1st invaded Ukraine " in February. May I ask?? Why is it taking soooooo long for the Russian's to take Ukraine?? & couldn't take the capital city of Ukraine?? Why so long?? & why the need for a mobilization of Russian's men for such a small nation like Ukraine??

  10. The Russians are out of missiles for real this time…I mean it. Institute for Study of War ssid so….and Bloomberg….and ….and….etc. also the NATOkranianians are going to take Crimea any day now….and Moscow…etc etc etc. Putin about to be overthrown. Sanctions are effective as vaxx booster😂😂😂. One more round… really one more booster….one more sanction….blah blah blah. Western sources are pure bullshit. If you still take western media and official sources seriously….you are the conspiracy wack job.

  11. To be honest ur info is good but I remember how you made Kherson 1st Ukrainians assults sounds so pointless to then see Russians give up Kherson and release a video saying what an achievement by UKR. Watch Micheal Clarke by Sky, he the truth, respect to u tho

  12. I don't really listen to the news these days about the war in Ukraine. I've told people from the beginning, it'll just be a lot of back and forthing until either Russia retreats completely because they can't sustain the war effort (Its highly unlikely they'll simply retreat because they've seen the wrong in their actions), or until the West backs out because they can't afford to continue supporting the conflict. When the NLAWs and Javelins entered the conflict everyone was all like "OHHH IT'S OVER FOR THE RUSSIANS NOW!!!" and I told them no. When Ukraine got those spiffy suicide drones, TOW missiles, M113 carriers etc.
    It'll just drag out until one side finally tapes out

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