Russian Athletes FORCED To Denounce Putin Or Face Expulsion

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. The term 'whataboutism' was coined during the Cold War, to describe the Soviet Union's allegedly official communications strategy of responding to all criticism from the West, by pointing out instances where the West had done the exact same thing, thus shifting the focus away from the Soviet Union's actions. Basically, 'whataboutism' means "undermining my moralistic rant by pointing out that I'm a hypocrite".

  2. Whether he supports Putin or not is absolutely irrelevant. No one should be asked to do this. These are "our values"? Is this what we call democracy and freedom? Tell me again who are the "good guys"? This is disgusting! It's shameful!

  3. Its purpose is to shut down decent and prevent people from speaking out, effective against weaklings, but for those with sure footing, good debate and critical thinking skills it's a fucking joke that will make you want to speak out more.

  4. … disgusting what degenerate manipulators are doing here… forcing to pick sides is evil and disrespectful of personal freedom …
    … polluting dirt of politics should be kept away from sports. These are completely opposing ways of communication/interaction. One is about division and hate, the other is about unity/commonality and peace…
    …this clearly shows that war is preferable for them, not the peace …
    …please keep your head clear and heart at peace, don't allow them to pull you into fog of insanity …

  5. the best/most i think we could ask of any of the athletes is to "not make any political statements at any specific sports tournament". No statement would mean though not support one side either and they definitely dont want this.

  6. It's almost like they want people to throw out their bullshit manipulative system. I'll fight it to the end. Definitely on some kind of list for my thought and beliefs on things like drugs and policing, and general censorship. It's sad to think I'm considered bad for thinking differently. For thinking we shouldn't be instigating and going to war.

  7. How do we know he was forced? He could have just shut down his social media instead. And also the comparison of the IS and Russia when it comes to censorship is a bit outlandish. Being told on social media by random ppl to condemn Putin compared to Russia state police swooping up ppl with protest signs is not very comparable

  8. The US and Russia have completely different standards when it comes to state dissent. We are allowed to protest our govt and Russians CANNOT so where is the comparison you spent 10 minutes not comparing but just talking of twitter posts. I’m not on social medias so I always find it weird when ppl compare social media to reality. I’m not in your Metaverse so we aren’t comparable as US citizens. Everyone needs to get off socials or majorly curb your usage to once a day

  9. Current #2 in the world, Lost to Nadal in Australia 2022…crowd was very against him, this was pre invasion, he said the child inside who dreamed of crowds cheering his name had died that day…. heavy stuff

  10. Jimmy Dore should had been on the stadium along side thousands of fellow russians yesterday together with Putin celebrating "the special mission" in Ukraine bombing hospitals, kinder gardens, schools and thousands of kids and women and the 8 year birthday of Crimea' "freedom" from the 44 mio. ukranian nazist with a jewish president who had 3 of his uncles killed by the real nazist doing II WW. To honour his family and his believes he has made a nation and an army of nazist ofcourse 🙂 – thats the believe of Putin and ofcourse of our own belowed "thruth teller" Jimmy Dore.

    Im sure Dore could be allowed into Russia to do lots of shows including celebrating the killing of thousands of "Nazis ukrainian", right? As long as he keep on babling on about the US and how terrible they have been in other wars and keep on defending Russia regading the Ukraine war then Putin couldn't ask for more. Aswell as other Putin BS propaganda Jimmy Dore has been loyal and true over the last many years. Only thing is that Dore needs to unfrase words like "war" and "invasion" with "Special mission" once he are in Russia – otherwise its 15 years in prison talking about silence is complicity 🙂

  11. This is going to happen right here in this country. They were right about this happening with Muslims and with everything going on in the world I can see this coming again and being more pronounced this time around. If we are paying attention we are watching The Fall of America.

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