Russian collusion theory now seems to be ‘the hoax of the century’

The Russian collusion theory now seems to be the “hoax of the century,” according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

In 2016, former MI6 agent Christopher Steele produced a dossier outlining sensational allegations against Donald Trump, including, among other things, criminal links with Russia.

Mr Bolt said American media was “obsessed” with the “hoax” for three years.

“But then a year-long investigation by a former FBI boss concluded there was no collusion, and now a special counsel, John Durham, is investigating how the material behind these collusion claims was put together,” he said.

“The results are dynamite.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with Sky News Washington correspondent Annelise Nielsen.


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  1. If you don't understand ivy league Judaism solidified it's ownership of America during the 20th century you will always scratch your head on federal government decisions

  2. I really hope this is an eye-opening experience to every country out there that it could even happen in America right now our freedom of speech our right to bear arms freedom of choice and so many others are encroached upon right now it's time for the people here in America to start taking back our rights stopping the Democratic Party from taking our right choose vaccines our right choose guns our right to choose freedom over tyranny our right to choose as a people the government does not own us we own the government let's go Brandon things are tough here New York right now and if things continue they're going to get even tougher🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and we the American people stand with the Australian people❤🇺🇸

  3. The World should take notice of this and understand that it's the Way of The Democratic Party , Clinton's , Pelosi , Schumer , Nadler , Schiff and the Dbag that was banging the Chinese Spy !!!
    … It's a Party of Shitbags , I truly feel that it may take something like the
    French Revolution to cause change and correct this behavior … Elitest bullshit !!!
    Buying Votes thru Immigration and Social Welfare … Coddling arsonists and thieves

  4. The MSM needs to be dragged into court and put under new ownership. The people need to hold the media accountable for destroying this country and manipulating the public. We have to have some rules that are followed.

  5. ABC has been with all other MSM for more than five years consciously presented lies about Mr Trump. Even now they are certainly not in league with the truth . And they still do not feel the shame of it, to present the taxpayers with lies all the time?

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