Russian economy strengthens. EU economies in tatters

Russian economy strengthens. EU economies in tatters
The Duran: Episode 1387



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  1. The Globalists are atheistic materialists who hate God. Deep inside, they know that their ruse of being masters of the world is coming to an end. They know they are failing, so they are taking down as many others as they can. They are full of envy, so if they cannot dominate, they cannot tolerate anyone else to survive.

    The Russian Federation is a union of various peoples who love God. They know that God is with them, and they are willing to sacrifice for something greater than themselves–namely, the Kingdom of God.

    The current global conflict is between those who reject God and those who love God. The war is going on within the USA, in Ukraine, and in many other countries. It is a battle between evil and Good.

    Onward Christian soldiers!

  2. It is not an analysis failure in the sense that they incompetent. They are not stupid, they can read, see and analyze things as good as you and I can, as most normal people do.
    It is a propaganda failure, in the sense that the majority of the world and even their own citizens, aren't buying the blatant BS.
    I think they overestimated the degree to how much they have stupified people. Granted there are alot of idiots out there, but perhaps not as many as hoped for, especially outside the western sphere.

  3. Guys, What if this is a calculated collapse of Europe with the WEF rising out of the ashes after providing a solution? "You will own nothing and be happy" They could not use the Covid narrative anymore so the next best crisis is playing out now….. to create a dependency to the state and to their New World order..

  4. There is still a kind imperialistic sort of Rassism against Russia, India and China. I am inclined to agree with your summary of that topic. A rassism towards countries which we viewed es inferior to us in The West.

  5. "Chipless Russia" is so annoying. Mikron alone makes 4 billion chips per year, and all Russian radars, fighter jets etc. have very advanced Russian CPUs in them. In fact, the West depends on Russia to make their chips.

  6. Sometimes life is pretty simple. This war in Ukraine is proof in spades. The West is lying through its teeth about the Ukraine war. Like I said, this is simple.

    The ones that get lied to are the ones that get screwed and if your intent is to screw me, my proper respinse is to fuck you up. Its really that simple.

  7. Ordinarily in Africa this Western superiority complex is thought of in racial terms, but your analysis points to something more basic: a cultural paradigm with political and economic parameters…In one word, an ideology of global elitism.

  8. On semiconductors, China makes state of the art but they infringe on patents so they are only used in China and probably other non-western countries like Russia. Then there is the gray market and most of the semiconductor market is in oversupply.

  9. Lol – the Russian economy is smaller than that of Spain, and is set on a shrinking course to become smaller than of even Holland. Russia is an economic minnow compared to the EU – who do these pro-Russian shills think they are kidding?

  10. Russia wants to think of itself as a "super power" … lol. It has an economy that is smaller than Spain's, much of its impoverished population still have to use outside toilets, the pride of its Black Sea fleet was sunk by a country that doesn't even have a navy, and the rest of that fleet have scuttled to safety beyond the horizon. No wonder they are getting smashed in Ukraine.

  11. We all notice that these video commentators live in the West, enjoying the freedom of speech denied to Russians and safe from the draft that – if they were Russian – would send them to die in Ukraine. What fecking hypocrites!

  12. The Kremlin wants you to know there’s absolutely no panic in Russia a day after Vladimir Putin called up hundreds of thousands to go fight in Ukraine—just ignore the burning military recruitment offices, protests shutting down highways, and college students being snatched from their classes to go kill or be killed.

  13. Re: How do economists get Russian economy so wrong? These economists know the truth, but they are paid and/or instructed to tell lies. Same with leaders of Western nations whose policies work against their citizens. These leaders are in the back pockets of Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard, Rothchilds – all the NWO players who want to destroy our way of life. They have been instructed to implement policies and narratives that ruin economies and nations in general.

  14. The only ones that are screwed are the British Germans Ukrainians Lithuanians Moldova Poland France Italy and then everyone in Eastern Europe other than Serbia. Sanctions didn’t stop Cuba for 50 years …. USA In reality sanctioned their own Allie’s who they lend money to only raise their interest to not be able to pay back.

  15. Collective West has always seen other cultures as inferior. They've been calling them barbarians, savages, subhuman etc. for centuries. They've been willing to "civilise" these other cultures for years at great cost to those peoples. It's never really gone away.

  16. I have dishwasher chips for sale. NO LOWBALLERS! I'm not a fool; I know what I am holding here. Reminds me of that stupid Independence Day movie where they attacked an alien spacecraft using an iMac.

  17. Given that the collective west always projects what they are doing onto their foes, means that Europe is likely harvesting computer chips from dishwashers … and soon without food electricity etc they’ll have no need for dishwashers

  18. Ursula and the collective west are so stupid. The 2 countries that produces neon gas is Ukraine and Russia ( Ukraine in marioupol which is probably destroyed and Odessa which is closed, and in Russian is in Moscow) Ukraine produces 50-60% of the world's neon gas and Russia is about 20-30% of the world. Since the Ukraine can't produce this neon gas, Russia now is the main producer of neon gas,so there's a high demand of it as neon gas is essential for making this microchip. They also pass a decree that neon gas will be only sold to friendly countries (that includes taiwan and collective west). The Russians will sell this neon gas to China or India in return for Russia will buy this microchip or Russia can produce this microchip. Russia has essential commodities gas oil wheat and fertilizer so stupid for collective west to go on economic war with Russia.

  19. On Youtube recently, there is a new video confirming all you have related as follows:
    Western domination of world is 'over': Former French ambassador Gérard Araud • FRANCE 24 English.
    Your objective analysis has been so wonderful. THANKS

  20. I heard from a reliable source at the UN that not only is Russia repurposing washing machine chips but they are now rounding up all available horses to form a cavalry unit in one last ditch attempt to stave off the onslaught of the UAF.

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