Russian Escalation EVEN LARGER Than Putin Says | CounterPoints with Ryan and Emily

Ryan and Emily go through the Russian military mobilization being even larger than Putin indicated and the efforts the country’s men are taking to avoid conscription

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  1. The point you seem to be missing is that these are trained reservists.
    Not just trained as ground forces, but also specifically for a mobilisation such as this one.

    Your characterisation of Russian troops is ridiculous.

    Remember all this nonsense and these numbers in the future.

    It's emblematic of the childish US propaganda that is too often parroted on BP.

  2. "Political collapse of Europ, that we are already starting to see." Surely that type of hyperbolic opinionated journalism is what you guys claim to be fighting against….

  3. Is there any actual evidence for what your saying? Sure some men are trying to leave, but I have also seen thousands cueing to sign up, just go on Russian media. And people keep talking about basic training, but these are supposed to all be ex servicemen, and Russia does have enough ex servicemen to fill 300k. An ex servicemen doesn't need to be told how to clean a rifle. I have seen no 50 year olds. For officers I have seen some who looked a bit older, although I think the problem of being 40 at war is massively over hyped.

  4. What I feel is missing from the point of view of the doves in the west, that are ready to sacrifice parts of Ukraine to stop the people of Ukraine from suffering, is asking the actual suffering people about their opinion.

    If you check the polls, 80+% belive they will win. Those people do not want to negotiate a surrender. They want their country back and Russians gone. And 80% is crazy strong consensus on a topic. There are no politicians in Ukraine that can go against it and just sue for peace.

  5. A little bit distasteful… Our gov is equally responsible for this conflict, arguably more so. Where are our consequences for our endless stream of military conflicts.

  6. I find shelling of civilians of Russian speaking folks on the east and shouts Ukraine distasteful.

    I finnd Zelensky genocide distasteful since it’s been going on since 2014.

    The US are the perps here

  7. yr. math is wrong. if Rusia took 1/4 of ukraine with 150.000 soldiers, please calculate how many Rusia can take with 450.000 soldiers soon?(for really stupid viewers 150+300 is 450)
    (whisper voice) 75%

  8. 12 years ago I worked with a russian from NE Philly, we talked about Russia Ukraine there, because of Chrimria… He said, "We are the same blood, they are our brothers". Thinking of all the dehumanizing our US military does, seems hard to dehumanize your "brothers"….

  9. It's hard to find anything accurate anywhere in this segment. Your talking about a nation that can and has mobilised over 30 million during WW2, a full mobilisation would be at least 15 million, a nation that has over 2 million reservists with military training and you're talking about giving them 3 days of training? These reservists are going to have updated additional training to prepare them for Ukraine specifically, they are not 55 year olds who never held a rifle. I knew hiring Ryan would completely ruin BP and I was right, he's a propaganda mouthpiece who cares little about real facts and the only reason anyone would hire him would be to promote idiotic propaganda.

  10. Ukraine has been funded as a military flashpoint and paid the price for their military escalation and attempting to become an American military base on the border of Russia like Lithuania in 2017.

  11. Sigh……you really need to stop trying to do foreign policy. You've got it all wrong. I thought Saagar and Krystal were bad at it. The Russians are about to annex 4 Ukrainian oblasts, and its Europe's economy that is in the tank, not Russia's, but you're still pushing this delusional nonsense that Russia is the country in trouble.

  12. People don't seem to understand that couldn't and others are capable of starting a nuclear war and that will be the end of all of us. This is nothing to be playing with. We have idiots for leaders.

    Those publicly demanding for escalation will be the first to be be attacked when the bombs start flying.

  13. We need to start asking if we want communism to still exist because we are allowing atrocities to happen to religious and social minorities in these countries, we didn't fight smaller conflicts and a cold war so that they could take it all back just to say " oops its hard so it's fine future me's problem " ridiculous.

  14. Hmm, wonder if in the US we had a military draft if Americans would be so supportive of our various wars for corporate profits, oil and other resources. It is always a little surprising to see how the children of the biggest cheerleaders for petro dollar wars go off to Harvard and Yale instead of Fort Bragg or Fort Hood. It's so much easier to have the poor and working class sacrifice their kids for Wall Street profits. If we did have a military draft for our next corporate war of choice you can bet you'd see those wealthy kids lined up at the border with their backpacks, tennis rackets and teddy bears. Want to stop the wars? Bring back the draft.

  15. It sounds like counterpoints, but everyone on this channel seems to be pushing for Ukraine to give up land for peace. We already tried that in 2014 with Crimea. Regime change is not necessarily the end goal, but there is not just peace without ending Russia's ability to wage another conventional war of expansion, which means we are nowhere near the end until Russia can no longer hold any of the land in Ukraine because he has lost all modern conventional arms and is incapable to building more. Russia has spent $70 million of its foreign reserves in 6 months. in 18 more months, when it is completely out of foreign reserves, it will run out of foreign reserves completely.

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