Russian forces move closer to Ukraine capital

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  1. Кого защищать, то кого!? Украинский алигархат!? Сейчас и идёт дележка бизнеса Россииского и Украинского. да и в поставке газа посредник не нужен, ( проще Европе цену скинуть в счёт украинской комиссии). Ну и заодно будет передел Украины западная часть уйдёт Венграм/Румынам/Полякам. Восток и юг России, а центр будет, аля "Киевская русь" независимая республика типа Абхазии!!!! Вот и весь Сказ. А, простому народу просто: держитесь!!!!

  2. They can move in but can they subdue the Ukranian public…i dont think so…at the moment its brave soldiers sacrificing their lives , soon the ruskies will face civilians…they dont play by the rules …God Bless Ukraine

  3. I love how the Russians are wearing white arm bands, plus they've marked their vehicles wonderful idea it makes it so much easier for them to be targeted…dumbass's, shoot between the white dots soildiers

  4. I love PUTIN very much FROM PAKISTAN this is right way to teach such lesson to NATO gangsters when they do like this in muslim countries they says ohhh this war is against terrorism and fuck propaganda in their media
    So putin is right on his way.. good work keep it up….

  5. Oh yeah, camera in action, two houses there with some troops while Media: Troops are russian and they are near Kiev 🤣

    That's why i will believe it when i see it not when media pushes it for Propaganda

  6. C'est quoi ? Des Russes, des ukrainiens ? où sont les combattants que visent les militaires au premier plan ? on entends des coups de feu il n'y a pas d'impacts (Dieu merci) On dirait un mauvais film !

  7. my heart and prayers go to Ukraine but Russia aint doing nothing different that hasint allready been done from other countries at least their trying to take land that was allready theirs US UK and France as whel as Spain all those countries have donit be for to and worse they took and invaded land that was never theirs killd so Manny innocent natives of the lands they stolen

  8. 😠 This is exactly how ww2 started. Germany invaded Poland because Hitler wanted to liberate ethnic Germans in Poland from "an oppressive system" (That was just 1 of many of hitler's excuses). Putin & Belarus have just used the same exact excuse. 🇺🇦🇺🇦

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