Russian Mi-8 Helicopters Dodge Ukrainian Anti Air Missiles

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Footage that appears to be filmed over the Kyiv Reservoir shows a group of Russian Mi-8 troops transport helicopters flying low to avoid radar detection. They pop countermeasure flares as suspected MANPADS rockets are fired at them. Small arms fire can also be heard throughout the clip.

Reports have indicated that a number of Russian helicopters have been shot down by Ukraine. While no helicopter can be seen getting hit in this video, a witness photo circulating online appears to show the result of one being shot down into the reservoir.

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  1. It's crazy that ordinary citizens sign up to take part in life or death confrontations that are initiated by men whom woudlnt throw a punch in fight they started .

  2. Fun fact: these helicopters were most likely shot down after the camera cut out. Russian Flares burn hot. VERY hot. As a result, they can't carry many of them. These^ helos most likely expended their supply.

  3. Wow, I thought this was a video of someone playing GTA online. On another note, I'm guessing the Reds had no idea they would be shot at, as you can tell by the fact that only one bird broke off while three stayed in formation under fire, its nice to see how stupid the Soviets are. Wait until you meet our Laser weapons that don't care about Flare counter measures

  4. Now European leaders and American leaders wish that the people of Ukraine were Muslims!!! Other Muslims would have resisted the Russians and defeated them as they did in Afghanistan… To the European peoples, enter the religion of Muhammad and reconcile with the Muslims. There you will find powerful armies that will help you and crush your enemies.

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