Russian Mi8 Helicopters Dodge Ukrainian Anti Air Missiles

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  1. Ну, пролетели вертушки, отстреляли тепловые ловушки, а где же сбитый росийськый литак чы вертолёт доблестными украинскими ПВО ? Чё за дешёвая деза ?

  2. it is not surprising of you watching these films that the one who records them knows where to be and how to set up to record well … and set up an account on YT and earn thanks to the fact that you watch "these kind of recordings from hiding," how did he know where what? will be happening ????????

  3. Even the Russians are protesting against this War .Pandemic derangement syndrome has affected Putns judgement.This is the same man /country the entirety of Europe will depend on for 80% of its energy supplies (from Russian gasfields). Big mistake on our part.God protect the Ukrainians from the outrageous and unnecessary suffering they are enduring right now.

  4. what kinda awful camera phone is this man using. It looks like a damn flip phone from the early 2000s. Surely by 2022 the entire world should have some kind of smart phone with a decent video camera. Especially Europe.

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