Russian military analysts slam Operation Z errors

Scott Ritter, former UN arms inspector and Marines intelligence officer, responds to harsh criticism of the Russian military’s strategy in Ukraine by Russian military bloggers supportive of Operation Z. The criticism arrived after Russia suffered its worst military defeat since 1996 at the hands of the Ukrainian military around Kharkov.

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  1. I think there are deep structural problems in Russia which are a holdover from Communism. The breakdown in communication most likely being the primary one.

    Bolshevism, not even once kiddos, it'll fry your brains.

  2. Blumenthal will greatly increase his following and Grayzone views when he realizes he's not funny, and stops trying to be. To speed this process, he can compile a mental montage of the thousands of polite smirks given by guests who have patiently waited for him to plod through his tedious, predictable, unwitty and usually strained setups and punchlines.

  3. If this was a boxing match, Russ would be The Great Salvador Sanchez, pummelling his opponent round after round after round. And then taking a break only to knock his opponent out to end the match. It's a war of attrition for Yook

  4. Scott is a Marine. A good one, but like all jarheads. He's only think in terms of assault tactics and that's what Marine doctrine is about. Kharkov was not a failure by the Russians. It was a tactical trap. Knowing Kviv's desperation. The Russians without panic, organize an orderly withdrawal both for civilians and troops; the latter being their greatest asset. The trap was set and the Ukrainians fell into it at great cost of troops and material losses. For added measure the Russians flooded the river in response to Ukraine's seemingly operation gain but instead they were cut off from reinforcement and logistics supplies. Chess vs Checkers. Hmm…then there is Go.

  5. These aren't errors… the SMO is a social research project in a way… Why escalate when all you might need to do is demonstrate power and commitment. Overkill will most likely backfire. In 2014 Ukrainian officers were driving up to Donbass positions and asking "Hey where do I park the tank?". You wouldn't want to traumatize potential friendlies with overuse of force…
    However a 2014 10 y.o. kid is now 18 (draft age) and is brainwashed brutally by Ukrainian propaganda. He fights and dies in mindless attacks against Russian positions led (from the safety of rear echelons) by older Azov cutthroats.
    Russia leaves VSU room to live and breathe, but Ukrainian propaganda propagates that SMO budget is low that's why Russians don't make the most of their advantages. Now "budget aware" Ukrainian kids are made feel it takes just a little bit more effort on their behalf for Russian Army to crumble.
    Any way SMO is over with proclamation of referendums in DNR and Kherson… that means war.. Like Iraqi war. like real war war.

  6. Corruption is thoroughly engrained into every Russian organization including intelligence services who continue to not give "bad news" to the bosses. Very few in Russia are going to admit the war is not worth the cost, because to do so would not be in their best interests. So mobilization will happen, and rather than protest, people will do their best to avoid it by paying money under the table. So only the people without money or imagination will be sacrificed in a conflict that will only make Russia weaker.

  7. I love Scott Ritter, but I'm still not sure he's right on this particular analysis. The newest strategy: referendums within a week. Game changer if they pull it off. Also indicating the analysis and the behind the scenes, unknown information is yet to be comprehended.

  8. It's what I've been saying all along. Russia should probably have gone in right after the Maidan Coup, at least once it was clear that the Ukrainian Reich was indeed going to murder Russians. Gone in hard, with surprise on their side, and knocking them right out. I'm disappointed in Russia for this. I understand why they did it, but it was clear that the West was going to call them evil monsters anyway, so screw that.

  9. even Austrian colonel Reisner mentions how costly these offensives have been. while reddit ukro fan boys and even some on the pro Russian side prattle on endlessly about Kharkov, none of them will say a peep about Kherson. it has been, by all measures, a massive failure for the UAF. Much of their beloved “legendary” western equipment was slagged by artillery and missile strikes, alongside the crews manning them. they will never get most of this back, no matter how many US taxpayer dollars are wasted on resupply. on the other hand, Russian losses in terms of manpower and equipment in both of these offensives seem to be quite small. Kharkov looks to be an orderly retreat instead of a mad dash across the Oskil river. and we aren’t even talking about how Bakhmut looks to be encircled here soon. this breach of fortified territory would be catastrophic for the Ukrainian defense lines in Donbass.

    way too many of otherwise logical people drank the propaganda kool aid following the retreat from Kharkov. if the DNR/LNR, Zaporozhye, and Kherson oblasts are legally recognized as Russian subjects, then all of the tightly binding legal restraints disappear and then Ukraine is finished.

  10. Ukrainian troops are being slaughtered on this battlefield especially conducting these offensives which will come to nothing!

    The West's plan to achieve to engineer the breakup of Russia that says that for Russia the Special Operation is an existential matter Putin and the Russian government the Russian authorities will not allow the special military operation to fail whatever the setbacks!

    First it must be said that Russia and China are terrible at propaganda. Just hopeless. They are so lousy at propaganda; they have basically given up. In today’s propaganda war with the West, they have failed miserably and lost.

    Any journalist who promotes a different dialogue will and are immediately removed or attacked from the mainstream

    Julian Assange, John Pilger, Chris Hedges, Oliver Stone, Pepe Escobar, George Galloway, Robert Scheer, Daniel Ellsberg, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Brian Becker, John Kiriakou, Scott Ritter, Mnar Adley, Lee Camp, Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, Alexander Rubenstein, Patrice Greanville, Rania Khalek, Peter Dale Scott, Aaron Good, Eric Zuesse, Gerald Horne, Garland Nixon, Whitney Webb, Abby Martin, Mike Prysner, the venerable Noam Chomsky, Vijay Prashad, Caitlin Johnstone, Danny Haiphong the Saker.and others I have missed !

    What do they have in common apart from speaking Truth and advocating Peace? They have been smeared as “Russian/Chinese agents” and/or sources of “disinformation” and/or they have suffered cyber-attacks and/or have been censored from mainstream platforms by the corporate and state powers. Julian Assange is in prison, being slowly murdered.

    What do they have in common apart from speaking Truth and advocating Peace? They have been smeared as “Russian/Chinese agents” and/or sources of “disinformation” and/or they have suffered cyber-attacks and/or have been censored from mainstream platforms by the corporate and state powers. Julian Assange is in prison, being slowly murdered.

    However, they are winning the kinetic war and will also win the economic war!

    This is the only way to clean out the neocons and the neoliberal cancer!

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