Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO

Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO
The Duran: Episode 1464



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  1. The American government is being ran by the same sentiment the germans had in ww2.. sadly a lot of American people.. when I say Americans I mean those of European decent are ok with war. Especially when the brown,black,yellow ones are suffering. America was founded on lies and always will be.

  2. Putin sends hundredth of thousands of young people to die on Bakhmut, bitter cold, terrble food, shattered dreams. An awful way to die. Russia bleeds..they cannot advance, its economy tumbles, in some places they were force to retreat. Educated Russians are fleeing the country. They see the worst it yet to come. Meanwhile the USA thrives in economy and technology. And output a 25 Triillion dollar economy. The dolar is still the KING currency. Millions want to immigrate to the US, flee from poverty. God Bless America!!!

  3. The Russians have been fighting US/NATO all along eight years they've been training supplying Ukrainians, Polish and merc troops have been involved assentually Russia has been fighting every one NATO and the US could throw at them, there will be no regime change for Russia or China now the US that may be in the cards….

  4. These short discussions between Alex and Alexander is worth archiving for lessons in Universities all round the world. They cover history changing topics in clear and straight to the point way that is simply not available in the MSM anywhere in the world. When the world go up in smoke and humanities are put on trial, these videos will serve as evidenace. Salute to you gentlemen for your effort to bring out the truth.

  5. To the side that is looking for regime change : "be careful what you wish for". Because if it happens it certainly is not going to be a pro West puppet leader who is going to emerge and invite western countries to move into Russia dismember it and plunder away its resources. It is more likely going to be a more radical and ruthless leader who's thought would be if Russia goes down it will drag the whole world down with it.

  6. its true our record in America in the 30 years has not been good but dont give up on us yet we are down but not out. Thanks for the insight and considering the climate you both were very level headed in your analysis the night is darkest just before the dawn but the dawn is coming so have a little faith someone or something happens that usually pulls us away from the brink just in the knick of time just like in cuba during the 60's.

    Merry Christmas don't lose your faith in us please

  7. Notice difference between Alex and Alexander looking at the reality Russians are incorporating in their plans versus the ideas of the neocons and European NATO plans and the level they in reality are capable to realise these. I also agree with the view of Alexander. Let us take into consideration the present economic crises in US and EU which is the worst since long. NATO have been a loyal partner realising the US plans to create war and regime changes but always in economical good times. Particularly right now both may have a completely different starting point when fighting Russia. Don't forget that the neocons are salon strategists and stay far from reality. Afghanistan is a clear example. Russia Is a good student and is learning from their shortcomings and mistakes. The attack inside Russia at the militairy airfields triggered an intensive action by the FSB. I expect that as soon as the Donbass is freed the Russians will steam up to the most western borders of Ukraine.

  8. In NATO the Americans treat the Europeans as personnel, not as colleagues. NATO is US machinery against the USSR, and now against Russia. And against China, too – the Pacific NATO. The world is a better place without it.

  9. The insanity of the US NATO, policy of expansion to achieve "full spectrum dominance," which has bankrupted the US, over the last 50 years, could have been a totally different story if the US & the rest of NATO had instead moved for collaboration with the rest of the world rather than confrontation at all costs as Ukraine's tactics show the same insanity today.

  10. Gentlemen I have been watching and following you for sometime now. I appreciate ur views and opinions on this subject matter. I will ask why do you think that America cannot manufacture, develop, mobilize their whole country? with all the allies throughout the World and along with the trade sanctions imposed on not just Russia but China too, we in the west couldn't win the race? China itself relies on so much imported basic resources, does not have the top end technical ability to manufacture end products, the same applies to Russia. I have a feeling that over this conflict, that both of you have not looked at what the west has done in the past and seem to believe that we couldn't do it again. You mentioned that economically we cannot get into a arms race with China and Russia?? the West has far more allies that need to trade in the Dollar. at this time so does Russia and China and even those countries that are in the BRICS trade arrangement. Lets not forget that before the WW2 the West came out of a huge financial disaster, yet the Allied nations and that included Russia and China at that time. The only reason Russia and China are in the position they are both economically and financially is because of American enforcement of free trade. I would love to hear your opposing views, particularly as to why the West ( mainly America ) couldn't do the same thing again?

  11. I remember NECON Richard Perle (policymaker of SHOCK AND AWE BS) and all other NECONs all resigning a year into the Iraq 🇮🇶 war – scurrying away like mice 🐭! All NECON today will do the same – leaving western countries holding a bag of shit !!

  12. At some point is it possible that China stands next to Russia and dictates the battle plan wherein China and Russia would destroy without trace America. The neocons appear to believe their own Psyop……like at the charge of the light brigade they will be the 600 who'll face certain death !

  13. The most helpful comment that I feel like I can leave is help people understand that Alex and Alex have been right for a long time. They haven't been wrong. Go back and look at their old videos and see for yourself

  14. The pace, form and substance of military strategy and implementation is subject to what pace, form and substance are necessary to optimise the resetting the world order as interrelated as this might be, it is not done overnight

  15. 17:45 and following: I disagree. After the victory in Ukraine what can the west do? The Finns and Swedes won’t be stupid enough to take Ukraine’s place. Maybe the Polish but I doubt it. Russia should build up but take any offensive moves real slow. That will undercut the shrilling neocons efforts to stir the pot.

  16. It's almost like we need a coup by some general who refuses to put troops on the ground. Or at least the outright refusal to cooperate with the president and his gang of sociopaths.

  17. Russian a juggernaut. Omg. Best joke on this program yet.
    First russia can't afford to compete with the west industrially in an all out war. Wanna try it agian? Go ahead. Even Stalin said the war was won by Ford. No one and not even by a close margin no one can compete with the us industrial potential. Our massive navigable waterways see to that. Canada has the same geography as the mines in russia that produce all its mineral resources and between Canada and the us there is more than enough light sweet and heavy crude to meet any demand for deisel jet fuel or gasoline and all the ethylene byproducts.
    I'm a pro intervention American. If I'm going to pay for it I want to see it used. Please start some shit with a nato member. I would love to see russia get it's teeth kicked in by our airforce without have to put a boot in russia.
    As for China they have no blue water navy. 83 ships are capable of traveling more than 1500 miles at cruise speed in a straight line. That's not a navy, it's a task force. Shut down the strait of malaca and china starves and runs out of energy in a year. They are the single most import dependent country on the globe.
    This has become a joke. Russia is a joke. Who cares about nukes. Use them we all die. Seems better to live and accept the fact that the soviet union is gone and russia is a shell of its former self. With less than half the population of the us and not even the technical expertise to run its own oil extraction or design and fab even decade old semiconductor.
    It's time to get a grip on reality.

  18. Liz truss sent a text to anthony blinken “ job done” on an un encrypted phone, ben wallace was summonsed to washington, instantly. On his return he told liz she was fired.. russian govt. intercepted text. England didi it. England must pay. Blow up their north sea pipieline

  19. Russia is not capable of winning a war against NATO. They are barely holding their ground in Ukraine. I will say, however, the motivation to fight your brothers Ukraine/Russia would be different than NATO/Russia. Realistically, without a United allied force, winning a NATO war is wishful thinking. NATO alliances have been practicing, integrating and improving their capabilities for decades longer than Russia and her allies. Sorry. I hope and pray Russia doesn't make the mistake of an offense against NATO.

  20. I watched the latest Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series and the breakdown of the storey is that some Russians saw the president as weak and decided to start war by detonating a nuclear weapon in a NATO country and overthrowing the president. There are probably some powerful people in Russia who would like to go all out against the suppliers of weapons to Ukraine.

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