Russian Profits BOOM As Sanctions Backfire On West | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar point out how Russian corporate profits spiked and their economy mitigated western sanctions as energy prices jump in the west

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  1. Sagar, American Exceptionalist (A.K.A. ignorant, arrogant American neo-colonial warmonger), the problem isn't that sanctions backfired; the problem is that sanctions are immoral – the modern version of seige warfare that inflicts collective punishment. It is a declaration of war; you reap what you sow. Sanctions backfire? KARMA.

  2. No Saager.

    They will use this as an excuse to raise natural gas prices in the US. No significant amount of liquid natural gas will make it to Europe soon.

    Just to build the needed infrastructure to deliver and store liquified natural gas in Europe will take years and billions of dollars.

    If they started full bore today they might get to the point to start importing liquid natural gas in significant quantity in maybe 4 to 5 years if they dump, say $ 50 billion today and keep funding it.

    To all that bought into globalism being great.

    Here is the dividend. You get screwed by your enemies that you relied on for your essentials like energy and medicine but het you get that flat screen TV for $200 and global corporations and their executives got richer as well as the politicians they paid off (Hunter and the "Big Guy" comes to mind) .

  3. No matter what anyone says putin is the best leader in the world. I didnt say a good human. But he just made us look foolish when he got india i knew it was done. When they roll out a unified digital currency we are done

  4. The Neo Fascists in Eastern Europe are turning Western Europe & UK into a No-Heat Zone Ghetto entering Fall/Winter 2022-23 … bringing on a Self Induced Energy Crises/Recession that is threatening to Destabilize the fragile EU experiment born in Brussels … Ask yourselves who is benefiting from continuing the conflict between US/EU/Ukraine and Russia/China. The #1 Benefactors US Weapons of War Manufacturers and Their Shareholders/Globalist Politicians in the US and World Markets #2 winner Russian Oil/Gas Industries … Hmmm interesting …

  5. I dont understand when americans complain about what saudi does to sell oil. It literally one of the only reasons your dollar has not collapsed this is mutually beneficial more for you than it is for us.

  6. Our country would have done the same thing if Mexico or Canada were pointing missiles at our border our politicians need to stop funding the military industrial complex and focus on helping Americans it's not red vs blue it's the one percent vs you both parties are pro corporations and pro war billions for Ukraine crumbs for Americans vote third party or write in none of the above f the 2 party duopoly

  7. It’s telling that governments are scrambling for more fossil fuels and not solar panels and wind mills. It’s almost like there’s something about green energy they’re not telling us…

  8. Watch Jackson Hinkle on the dive if you're interested in how Europe is screwing themselves to put sanctions on Russia he's done a lot of videos about it before corporate media would admit this was happening I watched a video today where he said some people with children are considering loans to pay for energy

  9. And the oil conglomerates win, which is the whole point. The war in the Ukraine is about the oil in the Eastern Black Sea. Period. Western oil companies want to control that oil. So do the Russian oil companies. Therefore, the governments the oil companies own go to war to secure that oil. Of course, the Russians are able to get around sanctions. Sanctions only hurt those at the bottom. The oil companies influence the sanctions policies so that they can work around them. Plus, the artificially-induced supply shortages raise prices, again benefiting the oil companies. Focus on the real enemy.

  10. My concern with this type of opinion reporting (not that much better than CNN or FOX) is there is no solution/options given. Should we just let Russia have Ukraine? potentially rebuild the USSR by taking over smaller soviet states, control Ukraine food supplies?

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