Russian! Russian Bots I tell you! (Amber Heard, Johnny Depp)

So Amber Heard has filed a counter suit saying the “Remove her from Aquaman 2” is run by Russian bots. Yes, we are not making this up!

Russian! Russian Bots I tell you! (Amber Heard, Johnny Depp)

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  1. I guess she doesn’t realize if there were bots being used, there would be a lot more hits on that petition, if I had a bot, it’d be in the millions by now, what a fucking idiot!

  2. I am Russian. I signed the petition. With my Russian name and surname. Does it turn me into a bot? Or am I allowed to express my opinion no matter what country I am from? BTW, there are more than 140million people here and most of them are into films and have the Internet. And many like Johnny and the truth.
    Her allegations are ridiculous! Oh, I'm dying to hear the court decision!

  3. This woman is so disgusting! Russian Bots?? REALLY!? I’m a real person and I signed the petition! Shame on Warner Brothers for not firing her!!! She has committed so many crimes.. the worst is what she did to JD!!! But perjury, recording her husband, “friends”, witnesses, and probably anyone she deals with! , NO ONE LIKES YOU AMBER, OR BELIEVES YOU! I HAD NO IDEA WHO SHE WAS UNTIL THIS WHOLE MESS STARTED! She should be panicking!! But good Lord!! Come up with some halfway believable lies and theories!! Talk about INSANITY!?

  4. It must be so great to have a convenient scapegoat. Personally I blame invisible magic pixies but that's just me. I find who I blame more realistic, chance-wise.

  5. She knows that the competition went world wide right? Ubviously not. I am a Dane and I signed it. What happened to get treated equelly? This is what it is all about Amber. You may pay a Compagny to like your pictures and your posts but you can't controll peoples free will. If we want to sign competitions against something we will. I am not a troll or a boot. I was just not fooled by you.

  6. I'll wager anyone $10 that if she loses the UK case, one of these will be her reaction:
    1. The judge was starstruck.
    2. Adam Waldman lied, not me.
    3. Johnny paid off the justice system of the United Kingdom, every bobbie and barrister. And potential juror-bot.
    4. My sister and my other witnesses didn't "remember" what happened well enough.
    5. I'm a victim because (place amber-jacked trope against actual DV victims here).
    Great video!! ???

  7. I made an account purposefully and only to sign that petition. I never sign any petitions, but she made me so angry, I had to!

  8. She should be fired Johnny was and he has done nothing she's the one that lied Disney fired Johnny with no evidence and it all comes out amber was the abuser so get rid of her