Russian Sanctions Are Hurting U.S. WAY MORE Than Russia

U.S.-led sanctions were supposed to cripple Russia’s economy and force Putin to pull out of Ukraine, but it turns out that the suffering from these sanctions in an interdependent global economy are spread around, as American consumers are discovering with record-high gas prices. So what happened? According to one French economist, Americans fundamentally failed to understand the importance of Russia’s productive output and talk of Russia’s economy being “the same size as Spain’s” reflected a similar misunderstanding of the modern global economy.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle tackle the consequences of the west’s underestimating Russian economic power.

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  1. in the end, Russia will win militarily & win economically. the US will lose. the problem is, the govt doesn't give a fuck. it's the people who will get fucked. this fucking clown show, loser administration has TWO more fucking years to go! this country is so utterly fucked!

  2. It's European and US sanctions that is causing the economic catastrophe. The Europeans and US are trying to figure out away around their sanctions that they put on Russia

  3. Sanctions are working. USA, UK and Europe have dug a pit for Russia but they have fallen in it themselves.
    A country like UK can send billions of UK pounds to Ukraine but tell it's citizens to expect power cuts, wear more clothes because heating and electricity will skyrocket.
    Politicians always know what is best. I am sure Boris can keep his residence nice and toasty when winter comes because it is at taxpayers expense. Politicians always say they feel the pain of their citizens. We know this is not the case.

  4. I am South African and I grew up under the Apartheid regime. At that time South Africa was probably the most heavily sanctioned country on Earth. Our economy was booming during most of it, and we had one of the highest standards of living anywhere in the world. We simply bought local products, services and food. Thus our companies boomed. And those companies are all still huge today. Many of them are now operating throughout Africa and have expanded internationally. For example Nandos (the spicy grilled chicken restaurant chain) is in Europe, Singapore…even the US. All thanks to the capital they were able to build and accrue as a result of the international sanctions 30 years ago. I am not remotely surprised by how well Russia is doing.

  5. I think the rest of the world is pretty much fed the F**K with the US. Something about invading the rest of the world was getting on peoples damned nerves! The us shyts all over the smaller countries and invades them!

  6. finally people are starting to realise that people who actually make stuff are more valuable than yappy assholes who are good at spinning a yarn

  7. The Western consensus = victimize and extort some one or some country. This is their idea of competitive freedom which enslaves and subordinates others. It’s the biggest slight of hand trick of the last 6000 years and is on its last leg.

  8. And on top of that, all of the profits are going into the National Fund from which all the important social programs are being paid!
    Medicare for all, education (incl higher education), infrastructure and so on!
    But I thought Privatization is the best and the Social responsible thing to strive for?
    Yeah, my as*, because the Oligarchs told us so!
    The partnership is already shaping Jimmy, Russia, China, India, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil and others are meeting soon, some Russian News call it (a little bit laughing) the new G8!

  9. We all knew this before the ware even happened, both my lefty friends and right wing friends and even my libertarian friends all knew this would happen, everyone in America was in agreement and wanted peace, only our Neocons and Neolib leaders wanted this war.

  10. it's hard for these experts to figure it out because heir focus is always on screwing someone or some people inorder to get ahead so they can't fathom how Russia can be successful😊

  11. 1:40 Russia’a vast natural resources are worth more than nice Italian fashion, cars, furniture etc. So I don’t buy that Russia, in real economy material terms has the economy the size of Italy.

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