Russian Sanctions DIDN’T WORK To Stop Putin. It Only WORSENED Inflation, Biden Admin Admits: Report

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the impact of US sanctions against Russia on inflation, and react to the latest developments in the war in Ukraine.

FILE – President Joe Biden speaks during a bill signing ceremony, June 13, 2022, in the East Room of the White House in Washington. Biden will make his first trip to the Middle East next month with visits to Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

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  1. We've been torturing nations with sanctions for so long that now they've figured out how to beat us at our own game. Russia has spent years preparing for such a crisis that they have turned the tables on the West and we are killing ourselves with our sanctions.

  2. And therein lies the problem. Still to this day the American population, even it’s ‘critically’ thinking presenters deeply, passionately, with such conviction think that Putin is ‘evil’. Until such time as you have journalists, I mean
    ‘un-partisan’ journalist that really know their history, that really know their trade that they can see through the web of lies, and that don’t just toe the line of ‘Putin’ bad, ‘Russia’ bad like cave men still incapacitated by small brains, then the divide will never end. The slaughter, lies, propaganda, and just moral depravity by the U.S. far exceeds any other country or countries combined that outside of America there is a visceral hatred for America that far far exceeds any hatred you may have for Russia, China or individual. Maybe that’s something you should reflect on rather than projecting as you do on this show.

  3. That is a legitimate question: are the Democratic party trying to lose? What they are doing is clear to me. They are trying to make America lose. The Democratic Party thinks that if America is poorer they have a better possibility to win elections and that is why they are doing their best to make America poorer. When America has already a high inflation what can make that worse? A war and sanctions can amplify our inflation to make us poorer!

  4. Over 50 years ago the US sanctioned cuba for having missiles on its back door but when russia expressed concerns with the US and nato having missiles on its front door those concerns are dismissed where is the equality??? Can anyone tell me which country has benefited from US "democracy ".

  5. Your blue and yellow color placement belies any attempt at suggesting an unbiased report as does your comment that Russia caused the war. If you want to be honest, the war is a result of US foreign policy and the only viable alternative that Russia could see.

  6. America tells everyone that they are protecting the world and keep peace but all the government are protecting their personal interest and rich friends and stuff the poor in America and supporting a country like Ukraine that is useless and run by nazis and Russia sees this but the problem is the western world forced Russia to attack Ukraine but it hasn’t worked like it should have and they cry look at the Ukrainians get killed their own soldiers are killing their own people and velensky is scamming countries out of weapons and money . The UN is just as bad all they want is money so they get richer and and than they say 10 a month is all needed to help the staving children and they are getting thousands of percent more than that per child for every 1000 dollars per child there is lucky the UN spends 1 cent to feed a child so that means for every child 10000 dollars the is only 10 cents spent on 1 child i and all these people stand up and say they are helping the cause and the people that work for these clowns think the boss is a good guy because he is rich we’ll think again they are the bad guys supporting their own interest

  7. Putin isn't evil. Ask a Russian and 8 out of 10 would say they support him. A vanishingly small number would say he's evil. Evil is located in the state department in Washington, evil is the husk acting the role of President of the USA.

  8. It's all lies. Even Putin is a member of the WEF wanting digital currency and the social credit system like China. Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe selling the US weapons on the black market.

  9. So, the US with around 4% of global population imposes sanctions on "enemy countries" while the other 7.5 billion people just shake their heads. Delusional behaviour. Criticising Russia because of "Oligarchs", but the US has a permanent deep state administration consisting of the military industrial complex, big pharma, unaccountable intel agencies such as CIA and compliant main stream media – more oligarchs than the rest of the world combined.

  10. When Russian make 4 times what the war cost from just his oil sales in 4 months…oh yeah that is major F up. The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE ONES BEING SANCTIONED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT

  11. The same blood line of people who hated Russia before revolution in 1917 and turned it to Soviet Union and murdered 40 millions of Christians ,czar and his family and intelligentsia , hate Russia again and would like to ruin her and her only reasonable leader Who has brain Vladimir Putin. Rest of so called leaders of Other countries with some exceptions are their puppets.They own mainstream media ,they are financial despots who wants to change the world according to their perverted satanist Marxist idea. But no chance darlings it will not happen because we are in God’s judgment.

  12. Hey guys, you guys are great to tell the truth! However, I still sense a a bit of skittish Broadcast in your tone. I encourage you to gather the courage and say why are we supporting apartheid Israel and the repugnant Wahabi regime of Saudi Arabia. There’s nothing wrong telling it what it is and calling it out for what it is. Or, are you afraid that repugnant Zionists will shut your network down by calling you guys anti-somatic tropes?

  13. America should now deploy Trumps powerful space force to deal with Russia and inflation. After all, every other thing has failed. The US sanctions fail, US hypersonics, fail, the US laser weapons, fail, US weapons, fail…. looks like thats all thats left now. Wasnt here some magic fighter jet that will save us, that also seems a fail.

  14. Robby Soave is not genuine, he soundly doesn't believe what he himself is saying, his previous contributions are evidence of that. Robby Soave does see the USA as the Power house of the World, many times he tried to defend hypocritical actions of the USA and it's allies.

  15. Fact is that the sanctions hurt the West much more than Russia. It was easy to predict, Russia is the largest exporter of food and energy, the vital parts of any economy.
    US has the same autarky, the rest of the world mostly has not.

  16. The Russian and Putin are giving totally headaches on the western countries over there introductions of the new world order. Now Russian administration has fail it because it's Satan order. Thanks for Putin and Russia to stop it through Ukraine, now for those who will follow Russia its better and for those who will follow USA and it allies the Satan way.

  17. Russia can not win this war against the collective West. But Russia can not afford losing this war either. So, it is going to go on long. The more weapons to Ukraine, the longer. And Russia has nukes as the last resort. So, everything may happen.

    They would rather pushed Ukraine to comply with Minsk-2 agreements, which was a road map to fair peace, and avoided military development of Ukraine by NATO. They had not done, and the war began.

  18. Democrats don't have ANY of the "Best and the Brightest" more like the selfish and hypocrites that is what they have over flowing…

  19. Napoleon tried a blockade of Great Britain the blockade like sanctions failed to hurt Great Britain. "Things have never been more like the way they are today in history “ Dwight Eisenhower.

  20. the US have sanctioned many small countries that don't bow down. The result of those sanctions crippled the millions of poor people and resulted in with children, family going to bed starving for days. I'm glad to see this same sanction does not have a major impact on Russia or China.

  21. A peace is vital and Zelinsky has to eat that no matter what he thinks.Stop the weapons delievered to Ukraine and force Zelinsky to make peace.The weapons make misery and death and Ukraine has no chance of winning the war with Russia anyway !

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