Russian State TV Says WWIII Has Already Begun Because NATO Is Supplying Weapons

Guests: Brett Cooper
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Ben Stewart

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  1. Nah it still isnt WWIII because Russia isnt a world power Putin just wants to drag China in but I doubt they will stick their neck out for him, no no lets just all be patient and Putins military will kill him for us.

  2. These morons supplied weapons to the entire non-Western world for DECADES and they're getting assmad that the West is selling the Ukes some ATGMs?

    Also, they're getting their shit absolutely pushed in by the Ukes and they want to expand the war and start shit with NATO!?! Go home, Russia, you are drunk.

  3. I’m usually on board with the subject matter on this channel, but the guy describing all the different things that were predicted basically just listed all the really crappy things that could happen.

    If I throw a bucket of mud at a dart board, I’m probably going to hit it.

    And ok, at 7:30, what choice does Russia have at that point? How about give up, and go home. Stop invading a sovereign country. Surrender? To whom? Who is attacking Russia exactly? No one is going to pursue them over their border.

  4. To think that this mass psychosis had the ignorant mobs scared to death of Covid19, and now the same ignorant leftist mobs are yodeling at the top of their lungs for WWIII. Proof these mobs have a moron level i.q.

  5. WW3 is coming… Putin will use nuclear weapons out of frustration on Ukraine and NATO will have no choice but to attack.. I can't imagine the draft being successful in 2022.. this generation is absolutely spinless and it won't go our way..

  6. No one though Hitler was genocidal maniac until he started doing actual genocides. There is no reason to give Putler benefit of the doubt. Given how Russian troops have butchered civilians in Butcha, it is clear that their troops are running around like nothing has changed since rape of Köningsberg, mass deportations of plenty of ehtnicities to Siberia during Stalin or any other atrocities Russians have committed all over their history.

  7. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus is the Messiah, which means God with us. He died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.

  8. Sorry Ian but Hitler declared war on the U.S.A. because they had an alliance with Japan. When we declared war on Japan Hitler had no choice but to declare war on the U.S.A. He also thought the U.S.A. was not a great threat because we were a mongral society full of blacks and Jews (His words not mine) This is why the Olympics was such a slap in the face to him and his B.S. Arryan Race superiority complex. Jessy Owens basically bitch slapped Hitler by winning like he did. You can fact check me if you wish but this is how I remember it when I was young listening to my uncles and dad talking about it. (yeah I'm old)

  9. Everyone thinks that Putin wants Ukraine to rebuild the Soviet union or Russian empire but think about it. Ukraine has some of if not the best soil in all of that hemisphere. The Nazis stole Ton's and tons of soil even due to its value. Now with a massive food shortage coming it's Abit strange he's trying to take such a valuable farming location.

  10. While I kinda feel for Ukraine, hol up, no I don't, let's not forget that Ukraine is a died in the wool, fully paid up card carrying member of the nazi party, so yeah if this is WWIII and it amounts to Ukraine taking one for the team then fuck 'em, I just don't care as long as they don't bring that shit to my door, sell your brand of fascism elsewhere Zelenskyy

  11. Putin and Xi have already made it clear this is all about Western Hegemony and their desire to have a new global order. These guys are acting on a lifetime of seeing countless Western successes shaping the world. They have been reflexively inculcating animosity and hatred for a cultural modernity created by the West for their whole lives. As long as the West exists, it is basically a big shiny beacon that they are losers in the culture war of human history. Why does china firewall its internet before everything else? Because they know the influence of Western liberty and progressive values is essentially the killer app for dominating the discourse, that their faux modern society can't defend against. They're literally admitting they're uncool. They can only indoctrinate their masses like mindless zombies to adopt their conception of reality, because they know free thinking people can perceive the virtue of Western norms. They hypocritically wear western clothes/ wrist watches/glasses, use Western science and mathematics, Use Western engineering to build their infrastructure, adopt western medical science to heal themselves, Use Western invented internet to live digitally, listen to Western basically musical forms like pop, they force their kids to play western instruments like violin and piano to be cool etc. The cognitive dissonance that all the fundamentally cool things in the modern world are products of the West is a reality that just amplifies the inferiority of their position. They're itching to avenge their self perpetuating cultural loser status…

  12. There won’t be nukes
    Russia says they will do something drastic and Biden and nato whoever and their media hype up nuke war. They all back off Russia, the war is prolonged.
    In the USA Biden, democrats and the media chant go green, Putin inflation blah blah blah

  13. The footage I've seen out of Russia seems to point to some of the people there calling for the eradication of what it means to be Ukrainian. They want to erase them. That's genocide.

  14. We are in a war with an adversary that could destroy this entire continent with one missile, inside of 20 mins. That’s how close we all are to total destruction. And we are all acting like this is a remote possibility. ARE YOU ALL FREAKING STUPID?
    Talk about sheep walking off a cliff…

  15. United States technology is decades ahead of what we show. These other countries cower for a reason, unless we elect a president who's constantly covered in his own feces and needs constant care and guidance from nurses.

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