Russian train carrying armor on its way to Brest Belarus

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  1. If these attacks fail for the Russians Putin will use small scale nuclear weapons to destroy the Ukranian cities. He is 800 miles away hiding in the mountains says something what is coming. If that happens it will be a nuclear world war that will go into effect and that means all of us will die in Europe , Russia and the United States . This is no joke people these small hit and run attacks on Russian columns is nothing to total destruction of nuclear weapons and they will use them as this escalates . Do not only blame Putin but blame the real bastards the globalists Klaus Schwab, George Soros , Biden and the democrats , Trudeau , Macron and the E.U. they all are the blame for what we are living in with slavery on us with mandates and more. The Ukrainian people are suffering now but we are next , this year 2022 may be the end of life on earth for the countries of Europe, Russia, the United States and China. In a nuclear hydrogen bomb war nobody wins every living thing will die you will not survive.

  2. NATO needs to step it up quickly.
    No one is asking why NATO bombed Serbia for 78 days straight in 1999 to defend Albanian Buslims yet they're barely lifting a finger to defend European Catholics + Eastern Orthodox.

  3. Since not a mediocre artist, athlete, poet or politician (with their modest knowledge of history and geopolitics) was left without a mind and without "analysis" of the war in Ukraine, I am saying a few words as with knowledge in these areas . Beyond the reprehensible fact of invading or occupying one country by another, which sounds totally obsolete and absurd in the 21st century, its motives or debates over sovereignty (current and in recent Albanian politics), Ukraine is a "Made up" state created mainly by the Russians and the Soviets (map 1), increasing its area with territories annexed by neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and most recently by Russia – Crimea, which Khrushchev did gift of his country (map 2), thus becoming the second largest country in Europe in terms of territory. Personally, they open my stomach from the infantile clichés of profile photos with the Ukrainian flag and the great indignation of the Albanian populo who has problems inside the country dealing with Russia and Ukraine, to the photo-show "alla hero of the war "liberation" in military clothes of the former comic actor (today President of the country) or the former boxer with a machine gun (today Mayor of the capital) – "inspiring" for the whole army of the mediocre! It is a pity only for those killed by the soldiers of both sides and the civilian population, that their leaders who led them into this mess will soon sit down and shake hands diplomatically with an agreement, where everyone will be happy (including the western carpenters)!

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