Russians Are “Different & Don’t Value Human Life” Says German Pundit

If there’s one thing German commentator Florence Gaub wants people to know about Russians, it’s that they’re not “like us.” They’re not REALLY Europeans, she says, nor do they value life the same way that the Western European nations that launched not one but TWO world wars do.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this latest example of the demonization of the Russian people as part of the larger effort to manufacture consent for war.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Nazism is white man's jihadism.
    This German commentator is just saying the quiet part out loud. While most (white) Europeans are not actively racist, they have no problem with it either.
    The people in power today are the last generation who consciously lived through the cold war and its ending, and all they rememembered is "Russia bad, America good".
    Coupled with the biggest mass propaganda effort ever makes people really unsusceptible towards deviating (and more factual) narratives. It's nothing short of a cult.

    After all of this this is over I will have serious moral dilemma's to solve concerning living with my EU countrymen, once the economic destruction sets in.

  2. Russian Scum! That's right, pretty special swill no doubt, bottled exclusively in Moscow and Minsk. But don't be dismayed because we have some pretty special stuff right here on our shores. You bet, right in the good old US of A!!

  3. This is a shining example of manufacturing consent. And these people like her know good and well what they're saying is garbage. It's the same way when politicians support some scheme, and people bemoan how stupid they are. Though often times they may indeed be stupid, what they're really counting on is that the majority of the "plebes" are, and that they'll just say anything to push their agenda because they're sociopaths.

  4. How people fall for media driven propaganda!!!! Of course Russian people are wonderful, like you and me. Thank God Jimmy for you and your followers. Let s speak up for Russians whenever we get a chance.

  5. Tale as old as time. Demonizing a people we don’t understand and plan to genocide is as American as it gets. It’s in the declaration and we’ve been doing it ever since. Almost like our culture doesn’t value life…

  6. I literally want to lay my head on a windowsill and have someone slam the window down on me – several times – every time i see and hear Keith Olberman. He's the most disgusting and grotesque human being on this planet. Borderline – subhuman.

  7. She should have more empathy for Russians as her own country is the subject of similar cliches and stereotypes. Lots of Europeans think the Germans are bad people with the same cultural and character flaws they had in the 30s.

  8. Germany(where she is from): supported NAZI regime during ww2. And still supports NAZI regime if they support Ukraine today.
    Russia: during ww2 lost 16.8 million Russians to the NAZI regime. Second to 550k lost by France.
    If I was a betting man, I bet Russia values loss of life over any ethnicity or country.
    This women is an insult to anyone who took history class in middle school…

  9. Yeah the west values Human life that's why there are kids dead in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and lets not forget how Germany valued the Jews lives in the 40's, how long has Europe been in wars? It didn't have to be this way, they could have just told Zelensky no to NATO, and do the Minsk agreement, But America decided it was find to fund the Bombing of the Donbass for 8 years, 14,000 dead before Russia went in.

  10. These same people are busy trying to "humanize" Orc's in the fantasy tale, Lord of the Rings.
    Dehumanizing the perceived enemy is as old as war itself.
    All they are really doing is poisoning

  11. Love Russian Culture and all of the contributions to Humanity in History, in the 19 & 20 Century the help of many Countries to haved knowledge and Education for free ! It's Priceless till today their CONTRIBUTIONS.

  12. 4:30. Gonzalo Lira, journalist, has gone missing in Ukraine since 4/15, Friday.
    He listed out many other journalists the Ukrainian Nazis have killed and said if he went "missing" that that is what happened to him.

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