Russians Are Trolling Europeans By Live Streaming Thier Stoves Burning 24/7




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  1. What needs to be made clear to the brainwashed Woketards is that none of this money benefits ordinary Ukrainian people — if somehow Ukraine "wins," then the country will be owned by the WEF-oligarch crowd and will be likely under much harsher economic conditions than if Putin were to somehow gain control of the country. It is lose-lose for the Ukrainian people.

  2. germans over there are not to f##ckin smart .when world war 2 the russians kicked there ass and here again there kicking there ass on energy. knock knock is there any body home up stairs and they laughed at the summit. not too smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Meanwhile here in America I'm rebuilding my wood stove and it will be over 3 months till I receive my new planned obsolescence package of parts.
    At a cost of around $500.. Vermont Casting don't ever buy one of their stoves there are a total rip off.

  4. You're not sending money to Ukrainians. You're sending money to Oligarchs, Nazis, and weapons that are used to bomb apartment complexes and street markets in Donetsk and Lughansk. Kiev officials have not been handing out humanitarian aid. They've been threatening civilians from taking Russian aid and putting them on the "Mirotvorets" kill list that Roger Waters is on. If Americans knew what their taxes were funding I honestly think you'd justify it anyways. The exceptionalism rivals only Israel's.

  5. Denial comes before the fall. After the fall comes winter and you European and NATO people caused this whole Fiasco. Vladimir Putin opposes GMO crops and would not allow them to be planted in Russian soil. One of the few world leaders with common sense and an actual love for his country. PUTIN'S got a boa constrictor after him and he keeps protecting his neck.

  6. This is like how the state of California in the U.S. brags about EVERYONE being forced to buy an electric car by the next couple of years and then they almost suffer rolling blackouts because the power gird is old and can't handle all the ac from people's houses AND charging electric cars. So everyone has to set their thermostat to 78 and not charge their car while the government gets to use as much electricity as they want.

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