Russia’s Military Starts Shopping Abroad


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  1. I dont agree that Russian equipment failures will "necessarily" suffer – Russian equipment works well enough when its used by the Ukranians. Russian failures have been logistics, leadership, intel – not so much equipment.

  2. Doubtful. Russia is providing food to Iran and exactly what do you expect Russia to accept for payment? Oil?!? It is simply barter trade economics. Russians are doing the same thing with the North Koreans. Currently, the only thing those countries have that the Russians could even remotely use, would be weapons and ammo.

  3. I heard from another source that Iran is better at making drones then Russia, infact you could call them one of the good drone maker
    Of course they can't be compere to Turk, Israel or USA maybe even Chinese made but as we see not many countries make drones and sell them

  4. Russians are surprising everyone and themselves over and over again.
    Empires fail in overwhelming fiascos and great empires fail in great fiascos.
    Despots and dictators have succeeded or failed before because decision making is so concentrated in a single person.

  5. So why isn't anyone suspect that China is secretly involved. Heck, we now find an American company buying and installing from our enemy, Chinese magnets in our own F35 fighter jets.
    It's just beyond that the U.S. military machine basically gets a blank check from the government/taxpayers and still cheats. Sorry for getting off target. Sorta

  6. I wonder if Ruzzias weapons contracts with e.g. India will be fullfilled anytime soon. Now that Ruzzia needs to use them for themselves and is even asking N.K. for support. Just shows how pathetic Ruzzias industrial base has withered into!

  7. I wondered the other possibility that the Russians are using so much ammo that they just are sourcing more to keep up demand, now they are in a war? As everywhere I look in other analysis suggests most advanced nations have underestimated the sheer scale of loss and attrition in modern convetional war, that almost no one can keep up with it's demands.

  8. Countries with Russian military equipment: "Ummm… Slava Ukraini! So as a gesture of support, we'll transfer our Russian equipment to Ukraine, but we require western equipment in return so we won't have equipment gap in the mean time. Sounds fair, yeah?".

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  10. Dear western allies thank you so much for a way to save lives of innocent and defending our motherland from Vladolf Putler's slavery. For the right to protect freedom and democracy values.
    Glory to the heroes of Azovstal! Glory to Ukraine! Support Ukraine with United24 (YouTube).

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