Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies: Now All Political Hell Breaks Loose


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  1. In the circus of life, a new act has opened up in the center ring. Clowns have entered to distract the crowd as the stage is being assembled for the political shit show. Are the nets for tightrope walkers, human cannonballs, or trapeze artists? Uh oh, a cage is also being assembled.., wild beasts are going to be let loose! Thunderdome!!!

  2. Last night doing laundry I saw a big ugly bug in the wash tub. I tried drowning it but It just wouldn't die. Finally it circled the drain and disappeared. I named it Ruthie in memoriam of another bug that wouldn't go peacefully.

  3. Hey, remember that time when Styx off the cuff commented that RGB was "basically animatronic"? Yeah, that was awesome. I still chuckle over that one:)
    Great analysis, as usual, Styx. Thanks!!

  4. This is a play because everything the dems do is a play. RBG either died 6 months ago and they held onto the announcement for maximum impact on election chaos or she's still alive.

  5. There is no human that Trump could nominate that would not cause the left to freak out. Trump could nominate Joseph Stalin and the left would call him a right wing nutzi. They are going to melt down anyway, pick a conservative.

  6. RBG will be replaced before the election. They cant take the seat back, they can vote out of revenge if they want. But newsflash: people who actually know and care about her were already progressive activists that were going to vote anyways. Normies and blacks dont give a shit

  7. If those of us on the right are interested in winning, we shouldn't settle for a nonpartisan, "originalist" judge. If leftists don't have any reservations about filling the SCOTUS with their activists, then neither should we.

  8. How do you reconcile "a woman's right to choose" with your belief in the individual's right to "life, liberty and happiness?" The baby growing in that womb is a completely seperate individual to the mother. Where's that person's right to life? How do you not see the conflict here?

  9. The 3 RINO Republicans will not vote in favor of this the Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Susan Collins will not go for this they will wait until after the election. They hate Trump and they will join the democrats in sabotaging him.

  10. Okay. All I want from ALL American judges, be they men, or women who have fully read, and totally understand, and follow the Constitution. Not those unstable many, who find some mystic creations of laws, that don't exist. Just because a lot of Constitutional law, isn't.

  11. It also needs to be said that more republicans in the Senate will be needed to approve of any court pic by trump. The more Republican senators there are, the less effective democrat shenanigans will be. Dont forget the Senate!

  12. No negations with people who want to burn federal court houses. The only thing that would appease them is putting a purple haired activist on the bench. Why should Trump pick who Hillary would have picked or who Biden would have picked? Would the other side ever negotiate? No? Ok.

  13. They must, must, MUST ram it through before the election. ABSOLUTELY MUST.

    1. It will demoralize the Democrats. It's pointless for them to vote for the seat, it'll just be out of anger.
    2. The Democrats WILL riot, openly over a seat, and they will drive away.

    And no. No left-wingers. 6-3 or bust. This is one of your worst videos for your appeasement views.

  14. It's not really whether you agree personally with her judgements, or even your party, the issue is what you think about the constitution, are you an originalist or non-originalist.

  15. I want a constitutionalist. I want the SC to be a completely constitutionalist court. None of this 5-4 bullshit, 9-0. All the SC justices should be constitutionalists.