Ryan Grim: 4.3 Million Workers Just Told Their Bosses To Shove It

Ryan Grim gives his take on new data showing a record number of Americans quit their job in August.

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  1. The federal government has created an environment where regular business is dying and only the largest crappiest companies are surviving. e.g. Amazon, Walmart, Pharma, etc.

  2. These idiots are pushing as hard as they can to force a "reset" in society. The only people being hurt here are the small business owners! People should be paid for the work they do. McDonald's paying 15$ an hour to get your order wrong is just rewarding mediocrity! That's not a career it's a high school job! Stand up America 🇺🇸

  3. Simple hold your labour from the corporations and you take there power the corporations thought they had the upper hand this proves they have not no one really cares about money any more so now the corporations are going to struggle this man made covid has back fired on them

  4. American..gotta tell employers or change government rules about the work place .We are the Boss or unionize all work place and make it power to the people not the company

  5. It's really not new. Like she said, Covid just highlighted the issue. In my experience, bean counters just shift internal money to whatever pile the Executive's are worried about, and get their bonus for increasing THAT pile.

  6. John Deer thinks farmers and urban America will still buy their products if they moved out of the country. Who do they think buys their tractors? How dense do you have to be!

  7. Well thats certainly one way to quit.😂
    PEOPLE are tired of being FORCED to take a vaccine they dont believe in, people are,now, being forced to wear a mask even if they GOT the VACCINE

    Some companies wanted to have their employees train their replacements then fire them so they can have cheaper labor

  8. One source said over 8 million people have quit their jobs since Beijing Biden first announced his mRNA-injection mandates. ~ Not, "4.3 million," as the video claimed. Is thehill propagating disinformation AGAIN?

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