Ryan Grim: Arrested DEA Informant Who Financed Haiti Plot Says US APPROVED Of Taking Out President

Ryan Grim details a new bombshell allegation about the assassination of the Haitian president, buried in paragraph 29 of a New York Times story.

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  1. keeping slaves on another countries soil has been what history of haiti is all about……american textile companies have been in haiti for decades……paying nothing per hour… those shirts at wal-mart, you are making this worse…..

  2. Burying news is an act of an accomplice. This common practice speaks volumes to the level big Corp media has become the Gov sheep dog to herd the population with buried or biased news or defend/attack dogs… So much for the media being "The Guardians of Democracy"…our Guardians have fallen.
    How unethical "no evidence" is the NYT a news agency or a sock puppet? Go investigate and uncover what's going on, this situation is one very telling pile of ….. P.s. we know which former President is heavily invested in Haiti…

  3. America makes me laugh. It always crys out in pain as it beats YOU… meaning what they accuse everyone else of doing … they ARE actually doing time after time. It's the most disgusting hypocritical country in the world and I'm sick of em 🤧😤

  4. I wonder what HRC paid for this cleanup . I am sure the missing 13 billion or Stilsby attempted traffic of 33 kids or the president getting ready to testify b/4 Congress on crimes by HRC & her Foundation had nothing to do with his red ribbon demise .

  5. This has been happening for years, under. the direction of the US, Inc and foreign collusion to do so. Now they're doing it to us and the entire world. Take down the fraudulent regime running this country and the globe. Start the real arrests. Our tax dollars fund this. – stop paying these criminals!

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