Ryan Grim: Ghislaine Maxwell And Jeffrey Epstein’s Cellmate Shared An Attorney, Records Show

Ryan Grim breaks down newly released information related to Jeffrey Epstein’s incarceration.

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  1. The fact that the prison was so incompetently run is EXACTLY why it would be extremely easy to carry out a conspiracy. The CIA can infiltrate anything…do you really think they couldn't get into a run down, neglected prison? Also, who's to say that that former cop wasn't an operative?

  2. Look I understand that his suicide is by no means implausible but for the love of god please stop saying with such assurity that this could not have been executed and covered up. No shade on the journalistic imperative to avoid wild speculation and the understandable hysteria about this case.

  3. So many filthy disgusting perpetrators of corruption,..Oops, I mean Politicians, World Leaders, Religious types, Hollywood and Media darlings, should be exposed and dealt with!. Just like a Lawful and moral Country would do.

  4. The New York Times is about as credible a source as the National Enquirer. It's good to look at the information they publish, but assume it's selectively edited and throw whatever opinion is attached to it out the window. Don't trust blatantly yellow journalism.

  5. I Kimberly A Sample continue to ask the question that how did she get them to get on board the little lolita …. One of so called victim of Gesline told a media person that she came up to the school and recruited them to do massages,even though they were not experienced ,what did them tell them ,they wouldn't have recognized Donald J Trump's name ,could she have told them that a Prince would be there or the former President of the United States of America or could she have told them that celebrities would be and they can make a lot of money in one weekend, I Kimberly A Sample do not condone anything that Gesline did but ,she also should have a fair trail, I believe the parents knew ,after all every parent wants their daughter to marry a Prince which could mean the parents may have been the go between .

  6. The "System" is rigged: the system created covid 19 to get rid of too many people in the world, is a "Global Genocide" to control the overgrowth of human population. Wether it was intentionally designed or not, the outcome has been disastrous in the economies of the world; all this is part of a Plan, past administrations already knew of what was going to happen sooner or later, so, eventually they had to do, or let it happened, the Inevitable.

  7. Maxwell could most likely afford a completely different class of attorney than a bad cop. The fact that they had the same one just clearly shows that they intended to keep the number of people involved to a minimum. Any conspiracy that requires numerous participants is not likely to exist. Conversely, the best way to keep a conspiracy secret is to include the fewest number of participants.

  8. The jail is being shut down partially because the land is so valuable. It and Rikers are being mismanaged so the will close and development will happen.

  9. Where is Tartaglione now? What is his legal status? Has he been moved to a better facility? Follow where Tartaglione goes, it will say a lot about if he was involved in Epstien's death or not.

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