Ryan Grim: Media PLEADS With White House For War With Russia, Peace Talks SHOVED Aside

Ryan Grim details the hawkish instincts of the White House press corp.

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  1. Thanks for showing those evil faces requesting a total obliteration of the planet – no fly zone ! The question those idiots should be asked if no fly zone is implemented – meaning direct war with Russia – how the F are we ever going to get out of that ?

  2. American politicians are financially invested in Ukraine and they're willing to take your money and send your sons and daughters to die to protect it. We dont have a government, we're led by an international crime ring. Send all these media women to the frontlines.

  3. All of the major mainstream news corporation’s are owned by American oligarchs with war interests that would directly benefit them not caring about the ordinary citizens or the consequences of their actions

  4. "Putin is a bully and he only understands strength"? Why strangely enough, that is the very principle behind US behavior around the world…abut no, no, we are not a bully, are we? We are the good guys, try to keep that in mind as you survey the results of the historical record of US interference, regime change, resource exploitation, and ideological-driven wars. .

  5. Thank You so much for this! You give me hope, thanks for asking the obviously "necessary questions" the questions that some of us are asking & waiting with baited breath, for answers. Unfortunately, we are not getting direct answers, Given the warmongering atmosphere that has been created.) and yet the fact that you asked , reveals that there is some hope that this war may end more quickly and sanctions to Russia, which are sanctions against Us,( all the peoples of the west, really) will be lifted. And yet being given more information of the playing field itself, at least lets us know just what we are all dealing with. The answer should be more simple, but somehow its gotten very complicated with the vested interests of the Kings, Queens & courts on the board. We the people simply ask for "Good will and Will to Good". So that we may simply live! and maybe, not SO simply, at the very least not impoverished or dead!

  6. Being educated would help. One of them said Ukraine is part of NATO! Liberal education with an emphasis on opinions seems to be part of the problem. These decisions should be made from a gray zone not black and white.

  7. These M$M educated brainwashed KIDS have no idea.. journalism must not require world history classes.
    "What have you done for peace talks?"

    "Send them more weapons."

  8. " We are doing everything to support Ukraine's negotiating position"

    GEE! Why don't I feel reassured by that answer?As an American voter, I would like to know what is the president doing to support The negotiating position of us American voters? His employers?

    It would be nice if the president did not waste any more time in startingBilateral talks negotiating and arms treaty to control 10000 nuclear missilesPoint it at each other between the US and Russia.

    Need I remind the president that His primary duty is to secure homeland security FIRST? NOT Military adventures by proxy in a 3rd country.

    And maybe just maybe Putin is on A-war path because he feels threatened by American missiles So close just minutes From his borders.

  9. If any American or EU citizen want more fighting they should volunteer and go to the front lines in Ukraine, they allow volunteers, I am sure you will enjoy being canon fodder. Most of these reporters are women, your body your choice, go volunteer your own body as canon fodder.

  10. There seems to be a lot of bloodthristy warmongering women in that press room – will they be volunteering to go to the front line if this bloody war escatlates? or just cheerleading and reporting on the mess they are so eager to discuss.

  11. It's simple, the holy front row seats are awarded to those who toe the line. Historically the most winningest line to toe is war, always has been and unless we address the corruption in our media. Ask questions you think those with power want to hear if you want more power bestowed upon you or your "news outlet".

  12. The corporate war machine is praying for this war, and right now still being a conventional war, they will make their blood money. Unfortunately Putin is not afraid to use his nuclear arsenal, that corporate war machine needs to think about this, day and the whole world will go broke. LGBFJB FJT

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