Ryan Grim: NEW Recordings BLOW UP Julian Assange Case

Ryan Grim breaks down new audio that seemingly exonerates Julian Assange from hacking allegations.

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  1. Free Julian Assange,
    Freedom of speech is a lawful constitutional right for Julian Assange as well as all of us Americans! This man needs a great civil rights lawyer! The government needs to be uncorrupted. The people need to help this guy and the other people who are just telling it like it is and getting railroaded for it. The man was set up. Framed. Railroaded. Anyone who records and uncovers wrong doing runs the risk of being physically hurt by it. Need bumper stickers for it “Free Julian Assange “. That’s fracked up with way they got him locked up: this is a blatant attack on his and our civil liberties. They did that to him, what makes you think they won’t do it to you or me? The police are allowed to lie in doing their job. That fact makes them untrustworthy and unbelievable in what they do. I say Julian Assange was set up and then sent to prison for it. I personally will never stop filming the police. I don’t want to end up being like Julian Assange. Keep up the good fight against communism. Keep America free.
    Frack all that,

  2. Good point only People abusing US laws to Attack journalist were mostly in the Obama Admin, During Trump's Admin there were 170 criminal leaks the first few months most of it were anonymous sources and it was taken out of context,but more importantly it was A-OK b/c they hated him, Now CBS journo reporting on Fast & Furious, that never aired Cheryl Atkinsons computers were hacked into, her phones were tapped, she is still suing the FBI today, Any means necessary for attacking the right, Cover ups, lies and flat out ignoring corruption for the left, if you want to report on news in the US you better know how to work the system because other journalist will be the first to attack you over there beloved political party..

  3. Who of you media princesses are going to protest on behalf of all of us citizen journalists who have been silenced, banned, harassed, called liars, cancelled etc. The governments of the world are the enemies of the people. The media, tech, business, bankers, corporations, universities, hollywood, commiecrat crazies, fascists, politicians, all institutions are all enemies of the people. When we try to expose their lies, abuses, money wars, election theft, division tactics, we're always, always always shut down and shut out. Sorry one of the "official" media reporters is in prison. We the people are all in prison on this NWO prison planet. We are all Julian Assange. We are even under arrest and worse because of the NWO bioweapon, just like Julian Assange. Locked up with just a pet cat to keep us company.

  4. How about Glenn Greenwald braking the story of Hunter Biden before the American Election, and someone suppressed the story as fake news and not allowed the American People to make an informed decision on who to vote for.

  5. We live in a “Double Standard Society”! We believe Maduro is killing his people, while we only Instilled democracy when we killed 1,000,000 iraquíes! Of course we decide Venezuela’s future ourselves even when half the UN voted against it!

  6. This is because no one .. no country fear any response from the US. The party in power has done this. The weak, sporadic stand on actual issues. The world view this party has weakened the world's safety and possibly put the US and what it has for allies left.. in extreme harm. All I can say (not the US government) but the people whom still hold your truths to be self evident are the only thing left of your love for peace and power to obtain it.

  7. I think ex Obama administrations or ex Clinton admin. were scared of Assange findings . So they captured and silenced him and make all kinds of unbelieveable charges are politicians correct on this ?

  8. Julian is a hero but the media has lied so much to the American public that ordinary citizens don't put trust in any message they are putting out and now there is no support for a free press. Basically they did this to themselves.

  9. You guys are the Shizznicity. Thank you for coverage of my Hero WikiLeaks.
    He allowed me to have info to make an intelligent decision in 2016.

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