Ryan Grim: Scientist At Center Of Lab Leak Controversy Gives EXPLOSIVE Interview

Ryan Grim breaks down a new interview with EcoHealth Alliance president, Peter Daszak, about gain of function research in Wuhan.

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  1. The covid was not formed by mother nature.. that is fact.. all the elements are 'of this earth'
    but in now way can they be assembled by nature.. it was man made… like atomic bombs

  2. He said it was beyond the Pale that a furin cleavage site was inserted into a bat corona virus. They left themselves wide open for a denial. Had they asked did you do gain of function or did anyone you know do gain of function of a corona virus that included inserting a furin cleavage site into the Virus genome, he may have said yes. This research began at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The Chinese microbiologist/virologist published several papers on her work before returning home to work in China.

  3. Daszak is in CYA mode. He, Fauci and Barik are criminals. Crimes against humanity.
    As are all those in politics and MSM who enabled them and all the Covid crimes.

  4. Shouldn’t the Hill explain that recent data makes clear that the virus almost certainly had nothing to do with the lab? The first victims worked at the seafood market, not the lab. The early victims were mainly those working with live animals at the market. Why would a virus from a lab 11 miles away go to the seafood market, why not to other businesses closer than 11 miles away, and why would the virus pick out those working with live animals instead of other people at the market? The virus did not start at the lab.

  5. This so called journalist takes great care to make sure to cast doubt on anything that may expose the people who pay him !! Is is exactly what is wrong with and the reason the American people distrust and despise the MSM today !! Any Idiot can add 1 + 1 and get the correct answer i do not need a scientist who specializes in land Mammals tell me what i am looking at may be a Skunk !!! I know what a Skunk looks like and what one smells like !

  6. Daszak has some major cajones to try to go head to head with the Intercept journalists. He's pretending the DARPA application doesn't say what it clearly does say- that they were planning to put the furin cleavage site into the spike protein of a pat corona virus and that the research was already well along.

  7. Any deadly research — should be a no brainer (other than do we need to do deadly research) at least, simultaneously come up with vaccine and antidote. These guys never fail to not do any foresight and fore-planning. What kind of science is this??

  8. Greta would have said… How Dare You! What a joke. Now the story spins again. Guess they got lucky and found that cleavage site from nature…?

  9. Between the decision for this gentleman to dye his hair but not the sides of his hair and the young gentleman to incorporate three hair styles into one-
    there are a lot of hair challenges going on here

    fyi to the young guy. It’s hard to take you seriously. It’s strange that you want to make this kind of hair statement in front of millions of people while wanting and trying to be taken seriously.

  10. China didn't like the direction trump was taking trade policies. Democrats hated trump so much they would literally do anything to get him out of office . And when covid first started the democrats used covid as a political weapon and all of the sudden the trade issues being worked on took a back seat and trump lost the election partially because democratic states changed voting laws at the last minute under the guise of the pandemic and partially because of the foolish way he went about handling his loss. but maybe that's all just a coincidence after all that sounds like a conspiracy theory.

  11. Fauci, Biden,Pelosi & all the democrat govs & mayors need to be brought up on charges. Conspiracy at the least.
    How many American Citizens have died as a direct result of their policies,mandates, fear mongering, blocking meds & lies throughout the scamdemic ?

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