Ryan Grim: We’re Sleepwalking Into An Energy Apocalypse

Ryan Grim breaks down his Twitter exchange with author of Apocalypse Never, Michael Schellenberger, over the future of U.S. energy and gas. #Energy #FossilFuels #naturalgas

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  1. No waring army would dare risk attacking a Nuclear power plant if it didn’t have to. The risk to its own soldiers is too high. They would most likely destroy substations or SCRAM the reactors but they would not harm the reactor pressure vessels where the real danger lies. They would simply disable the plant.

  2. Nuclear seems like the only way. I keep hearing how ultra efficient and safe nuclear is now, but nobody of importance aka decision makers seem to care. I guess they can't make money off it like they can with "Green" and carbon. I have a strong feeling a lot of this ineptitude with going green has to do with corruption and greed.

  3. It only takes years to open a nuclear plant because of over regulation and government licensing process. Storing nuclear waste is not actually a problem That is negative propaganda left over from the seventies. If we run modern plants, we can use thorium. Which is readily available and safer. Ryan is describing plants fron the 1960s 1970s designs which are actually incredibly safe. Modern thorium reactors don't over heat they shut down automatically.

  4. We have enough Uranium to last a few hundred years and enough Thorium for thousands. If we power 100% of our world on solar and wind, when will we run out of lithium?

  5. This going green push is being cordinated by people who don"t have clue about what this takes and how to go about this at a realistic pace. This so called bright idea will leave us all in the dark if we don"t stop them. We will be a third world country.

  6. We Literally have all of the "battery" technology we will need for the next 100 years. Mechanical Storage can, with mundane materials, store all the energy we could practically need. Mechanical storage is pumping fluids to elevated locations and draining them back down to power generators, or hoisting weights, or building air pressure, and using their release to power energy later. These are not 100% efficient but they ARE low tech and requiring a minimum of "rare earth" materials. But they do require time and space to build, which means we need to start earlier rather than later.

  7. we would need to use less than 1% of rare earth materials to transition to a clean grid. There's a ton of rare earth materials – things like batteries (LFP) can be made with lithium and iron.

  8. Ryan, maybe you should have Michael on your show. I think you could have a good discussion. I have watched a number of his interviews and read some and he makes some points that I think would address some of your concerns. And.. why did right up front you refer to him as online conservative? I don't think he has ever referred to himself a that, in fact I believe he was a registered democrat and is now an independent.

  9. I have listened to Shellenburger quite a bit, if he is correct each persons lifetime nuclear waste equates to one cup. In reality the energy issue has to be a bit of everything to work. Shellenburger is also a liberal, not a conservative. He also sounds genuinely more honest and in good faith more than i would ever give Ryan credit for.

  10. I’m still waiting for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells to enter the national conversation. 8 billion is set to be released this fall by the DOE to develop hydrogen hubs across the country. With 1.5 billion added to develop a domestic supply chain. China, Japan, Germany, the UK , France , Netherlands and other countries are also heavily investing in Hydrogen. The technology has advanced where green hydrogen is available. Hydrogen production can be a great path towards energy independence

  11. Shellenberger’s condescension of Ryan was well deserved. Ryan caught him in a small math error, but that doesn’t substantively change the fact that Ryan is delusional about green energy.

  12. I listened to a podcast of experts reviewing how to create green passenger aircraft and they say can do it now, but it takes a lot of energy, likely from nuclear energy… If we have enough energy, we can create enough green energy… Too bad Ryan and schnelemberger didn't continue the discussion….

  13. Ryan your seeing what renewable energy is doing in California now and has been happening in Texas for two years. Renewable is not reliable and its expensive. Nuclear is the only way forward. Don't try to say that we should just keep developing renewable and hope for the best.

  14. Renewables are not there yet… bottom line. Nuclear is the only realistic option and fossil fuels. Lofty ideals will not keep you warm in winter. We are doing ourselves a huge disservice by thinking we can do this in any realistic way and being rushed into this from elites who think men can birth babies

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