Saagar Enjeti: A Working Class Recession Is Coming, Biden Is Doing NOTHING

Saagar takes viewers through the economic factors causing massive losses in corporate earnings and concerning metrics for Americans’ bank accounts leading to predictions of a working class recession Biden has no plan for

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Kristin Eberhard:

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  1. Talk to Black Rock in housing, Talk to Koch Industries for oil, Talk to Wal-Mart for food and retail and shipping (owns a section of LA port and many ships)Talk to Apple for communication and computers. Don't talk to us about the problem. Look at these owners of big corporations. Also talk to big pharma, health insurance corporations, and conglomerant hospital owners. Oh yes and the military industry complex who steal our tax payer dollars.

  2. Commies in control. All planned. Virus. Vax. Supply chain broken and food shortages on purpose nwo globalist nazicommies. Wef. Gates. Soros. Burning down to cause shortages. Fed run gun shootings and violence. National emergency coming. Never fail to take advantage of a crisis. They create.

  3. 3 options. Fall to the liberal Great Reset totalitarian agenda being pushed by the WEF. Move to the New World Order forming in the East (many African countries, China, Russia, and India). Or level up yourself your tribe, financially gather as many resources as you can find somewhere safe to hide out as climate change does its work on all agendas.

  4. Doesnt anyone thinks its strange when the economy tanked in 08' , that the stock market went from 13k down to 7k…. and now its reached almost 3x that , and not one average citizen has had that increase in thier lives ?….😏

  5. The entire US economy is a fiction based on FED money printing and debt based consumer spending. Without those two phenomenas the economic growth of the country would be solidly negative and reminiscent of a second or even third world country.

  6. Well I guess the silver lining is if the class conflict becomes much worse we will all get to suffer together. When playing by the rules and working hard no longer results in survival…well…let's just say come dinner time I imagine the super rich will suddenly look deliciously appetizing….mmmmmm😌

  7. This isn't just corporations.

    You need to stop spreading BS about the economy. The consumer is as responsible as corporations. If consumers didn't live a YOLO/FOMO life, corporations would never be able to do what they do. There is a ravenous consumer base, and they are the one's with little to no money.

  8. This is one of the side effects of inflation. When gas is $5 a gallon, they become numb and don't shop for 10 cents a gallon like they would when gas was $2.5 a gallon.

  9. Yup gonna hit working class the most. However the real rich want to give a haircut to the simply rich. How ?? Access to capital will do it. Over or highly leveraged companies cut off from capital will be bought up cheaply.By the really big companies with access to capital. Big fish gonna eat the medium size fish.

  10. We have to keep the stawk market inflated for the BOOMERS. Please stop complaining and PAY your inflation tax so the Boomer's will be fat and happy in retirement

  11. There is no corporate price gouging. Gross profits are up and costs are up even more. CPI is at 8% and producer prices are 11.5%. Businesses are getting less profit in hopes of bridging the gap. But this won't work and prices will have to rise more because all input costs ride of the price of oil.

  12. Just nothing fundamentally changing. Just like he promised voters. Who knew that doing nothing for anyone would lead to less approval than Donald Chump? Oh yeah, everyone except Byron.

  13. The key part of booming the stock market, and real estate market, and car market, and debt market….was monetary heroine from the fed. Simple as that. QE makes markets rise. In most of the trip to the Weimar Republic collapse giant inflation had the public thinking we are winning because look how high asset prices are. Until it utterly collapsed due to outpacing their ability to print.

  14. Never, in my time on earth, which is 71 years, has the statement " let them eat cake"…. Been more true and appropriate. Those, middle class, that voted for this Horrendous debacle, deserve all the stress and pain that is coming. However, that leaves the rest of us who no longer can live the American dream. You all wanted OBAMA you got him and we suffer….DAMN

  15. Peak Prosperity has been warning about devastatingly high utility costs this winter for months. My local utilities company just texted me they are moving to raise prices starting January. This is going to be especially hard on the elderly on fixed income freezing to death this winter. The only business to invest in might be funeral and mortuary services?

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