Saagar Enjeti: Australia’s COVID Camps Are WARNING To Us All

Saagar describes the coronavirus situation in Australia and why US policymakers should not overreact to the Omicron variant or any future versions of covid that might arise

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  1. It went right over his head that he got covid after getting vaccinated…

    And he said if you're "young, healthy, and vaccinated" you'll be fine. Actually, if you're young and healthy or if you're just healthy, you'll be fine…

  2. The excessive and irrational governmental responses sounds like a formula for a series of violent overthrows of democracies that may lead to citizens of several losing many hard won rights or where the violent attempts to governments fail result in the hysterical governments becoming more generally totalitarian regimes out of concern for the survival of government workers.

  3. So, this is the reason people are hesitant to mandates, and vaccines, etc. the “shut up and do it” mentality is not good. This has gone on too long for there not to be several approved Covid treatments. There are treatments, but the political class will not allow them to be used.

  4. For a better understanding of what is going on, I recommend Whitney Webb, James Corbett, the Convo Couch hosts, Max Blumenthal who seems to be regularly on Jimmy Dore. Professor Mark Crispin has a couple great videos on propaganda. Dr Sam Bailey introduced me to just how questionable the field of virology itself apparently is. The rabbit hole goes deeper than many of us could have imagined.

  5. Nobody else is talking about this, this is why I love this media station you guys are the truth! This is what broadcast journalism is all about. You guys deserve an award this year

  6. Do these people think that Covid just pops up out of nowhere?… You have people isolated who are not infected. Yet you are treating them like they have the potential to become infected. Wouldn't that mean they are doing a piss poor job doing their job? Why would you keep testing people knowing they are infected but keep them by people who aren't? Oh right. Because they didn't participate in the group think. So now they are being treated like less than humans. This is what you get when you allow super powers that are willing to dehumanize people for profit and bigotry to exist unchecked

  7. This is what I have been thinking this WHOLE time!!
    It's not about public health or safety anymore…it's about power and control.
    we just need to learn to live with Covid. It sucks to have to be extra caeful and constantly thinking about germs and not getting sick, but we can't live our lives prisoners in our own homes and in our own minds. If my mother is dying tomorrow I cant see her in her final moments because of some stupid rule that says only 3 visitors per day and visits are only limited to 40 minuets per da or some shit….It's crazy. We gotta learn to live with this thing and move on with our lives… Some people dont want to get vaccinated then that's on them. But we cant live like priosoners

    All I know is when 9/11 happened the government was quick to take away our rights and freedoms for our "safety"

    Cops and law enforcement were given military grade equipment to help police our neighborhoods for our own safety

    Now these insane new covid restrictions and regulations are all for our own safety.

    These new quarterly booster shots I hear people taking about are not about pharma making big money…it's all about our safety

  8. This video is misinformed propaganda. There are no "covid camps" in Australia. I'm in Australia and living life as normal. This woman is in quarantine. I've also done quarantine here. It is required when entering from an identified hot zone or from overseas. I usually agree with your reporting but the vetting of the facts are really poor in this case.

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