Saagar Enjeti: Biden, Dem FAILURE On Gas Prices Costing Americans BILLIONS

Saagar takes another deep look at the gas price crisis from the angle of how it is hurting American savings and what the administration could do about it right now

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Elbridge Colby:

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  1. A very interesting quick point Saagar causing me to expand upon it. Foreign refineries are producing the greenhouse gases to feed the American consumption addictions. How many other US companies achieve high ESG scores by outsourcing/contracting polluting segments of their business overseas? The gases all go up into the shared atmosphere.

  2. Biden could use the Defense Production Act to take over the supply of gas and compel companies to set price controls. Hell he could nationalize it if he wanted to. FDR, Lincoln would have done it and told the courts to kick rocks at the same time.

  3. They can't increase gas production. Also remember oil and gas are not the same. Who determines building new rigs and refineries? The shareholders. There's also no way to drill enough to satisfy America's usage. Fuck you, Saagar. You blame this on Biden's imagination?

  4. It's intentional. No more middle class. Only rich & poor. Which in turn will start a revolution which is what they also want. I dont think you understand the contempt the elites and others of this country have for the USA. Hell if it was 10$ theyd be happier because it would push people towards renewables. You have to understand theyre on a mission to save the world

  5. Alot of it is supply and demand and companies seeing an opportunity to raise prices. That's one of the joys of living in a free country. Also less barrels pumped out more profit. Of its fun to blame the governemnt but as Americans we dont have some god given right to cheap gas.

  6. This sounds like a Tucker segment. Doesn't mention going after the oil companies obscene profits, doesn't mention all the leases these companies already have and refuse to tap, doesn't mention the subsidies they get from tax payers. Somehow squeezes in "identity obsessed liberals" into a segment about oil company profiteering.

    Makes the entire argument about the Biden administration (they're not blameless though) and just so happens to not mention how amoral it is for these oligarchs are to gouge American people during a recession.

    Classic gaslighting on the show that's supposed to be "creating a new mainstream"

    How long are you going to allow this conman to sit next to you Krystal? We all know he's voting fascist in 2022 and 24.

  7. Tax credits work. Abiding administration should continue enticing homeowners to use solar and electric cars through tax credits. Will take time but eventually those people who have houses will convert. Us renters the option to use electric cars without a garage.

  8. Biden Intentionally raised Gas Prices a campaign promise to reduce greenhouse gases & force Americans to buy an EV. So thank Biden & Democrats for Record High Gas Prices & Inflation not to mention funding Putin's invasion of Ukraine & bypass sanctions for now. Want Higher Prices vote For Democrats.

  9. Gas prices were the same 10 years ago. Whiney Americans demanding prices go back to $2 are pathetic. Personally I like high gas prices, it stops sales of low MPG vehicles which have been ramping up after gas prices dived.

  10. I love watching Americans complain about 4.50 gas prices. I live in Canada, the 3rd most oil rich country on earth and I'm paying 7.50… I haven't seen 4.50 in probably 5 years. I'd KILL for 4.50

  11. Kudos Saagar! IMO, this is one of the biggest Biden administration screws up! Don't want Trumpism back, but I do hope Biden's legacy is over soon!

  12. If we force corporations to quit exporting, are we also able to mandate the price they sell it to us or would the situation be the same just we'd be getting the oil from here vs elsewhere? I know there are also differences between the type of oil we refine stateside vs from Canada for example. The Dems in the Senate did propose shaving up to $0.18 off the price of a gallon of gas by eliminating the federal gas tax for a while, but that bill went nowhere.

  13. It's their agenda! 2000 Mules explains it all!! Will you broadcast 2000 miles? Why does this fraudulant administration hate the United States? What you missed is OPEN UP THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE! OPEN UP THE OIL SUPPLY HERE IN THE US! CHECK OUT THOSE VAPOR TRAILS IN THAT PICTURE OF THE PORT. WHY ATE THERE VAPE TRAILS?

  14. So step 1, nationalize the gas industry. Let's see how many republicans will go along with that one. I love how this is Biden's fault. The Saudi's have cut oil production because we didn't like that they killed a journalist and were called out on it. Russia started a war that they wanted to do under Trump but thought Trump was too stupid to understand it, so they waited for Biden to get in office. Yes, let's keep punching on Biden. Standard for this channel. Just like Bill Maher, acting like a progressive channel, but just another right wing in disguise. The Jones Act should have been stopped when Puerto Rico was smashed. And lastly, we have produced anything in America since NAFTA. Sure, we have a few hold out companies, but mostly they are all in China. But we keep passing these free trade deals that do nothing for us and rot the USA form within. These deals strengthen our enemies that openly steal our property and hack our systems. We let Russia get stronger and we let China use us to become the world's top producer of everything. Now we don't have good paying jobs. We don't control our own supply chains and corporations run everything. America sold out in the 80's and we have been paying for it ever since. This is not Biden's fault. This is the Republicans that sold us out a long time ago.

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