Saagar Enjeti: Biden, IRS Proposal TARGETS Regular Americans, Lets Billionaires Off

Saagar breaks down the new policy proposal from the IRS that would target ordinary Americans’ bank accounts and let billionaires off the hook for their shady financial transactions

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  1. Doesn't the IRS already know what's on a W2? That's the whole point of filling out a w4. All it is ,is Billionaires finding a way to rob the common man yet again using their bought empty suits.

  2. I could not wait for Saagar's input on this. You are my absolute go to journalist on daily news segments. You're great too Krystal lol, but I'm arguably a little more partial to Saagar's POV. Keep on Keepin' on news peeps! We're all lost in the dark without you.

  3. Wake up people. Democrats "tax the rich" is a lie you have been sold. What is really happening is you are losing your personal freedoms via Covid exaggeration and your money via inflation and higher taxes. With the Democrats all we will have is a massive welfare class and a few billionaires at the top running the country with their Democratic friends in office.

  4. The poor and the working class are already heavily over-taxed. Where do you think all the money is coming from to pay for everything? Now they want to go after people's bank accounts? I can't believe people will just sit back and let this happen.

  5. This is simple: poor people are easier to squeeze money out of than rich people. Rich people can afford lawyers, accountants, and lobbyists. That's always going to be the case. The IRS never wants to tangle with rich people or corporations. I have to pay my taxes, but wealthier people don't have to pay their taxes. Totally the American way.

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