Saagar Enjeti: Biden Is ALREADY Letting Wall Street, Europe SELL OUT To China

Saagar Enjeti analyzes what the China – US relationship will look like under President-Elect Joe Biden. He criticizes both Biden’s leniency with China and the media’s failure to call it out.

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  1. This is what these two, as well as the other MSM, wanted. Everyone who had a brain knew this was going to happen. Trump fought these people without support from anyone and brought jobs back which Obama/Biden didn't believe could happen. Congrates to those traitors that voted for Biden

  2. We don't have politicians they have us we belong to them they decided they were going to be president not us they decided that election was not going to be questioned and thats that the laws they break are not important. They lie the sheep listen we the patriots with minds of their own bad people.

  3. The Chinese people are not my enemy. The average chinese person is just living their life the best they can just like any body else. The CCP has many problems, but it’s very concerning the amount of hatred and racism is being cast on the people of China.

  4. The idiots have already started whining? You are about to find out who the real Nazi's are. You won't be able to whine about it because they will shut you down hard.

  5. Why punish the Europeans? I wonder how many items of clothing or technology you own (that you use to make this show) are made in China. Your party had four years to bring jobs and manufacturing back. What did they do with it?
    Take a look at yourself and why people don't take your platform seriously.

  6. He loves creepy Joe Biden loves China here said it in China is waiting to come in more than it already is remember China is within now we're gonna see the true crupi Joe Biden that's what I'm the cheating of president trump has brought us not meaning president trump cheating but them accusing him of cheating it's all been a set up job from the start but they're not done with president trump we will hear from him again I'm convinced he can do more are of office then in office I will always stand behind my president trump and I know a lot of whether mericans fill the sing we must stay strong and we must do everything legal I do think all this Washington thing thing that happened was a set up from the left you'll be here in the truth in the days coming I feel it's been a set up from the start I could go on and on but remember it was a set up against our president trump.

  7. You are speaking the truth or 100% truth there's gonna be no consequences to China on anything they want to do starting to enrich china's military forces more then ours they want China to be part of the USA just watch I pray it doesn't happen but I repeat we must all stay alert and watch all these traders and accuse them when it's called for thank you.

  8. Are you talking about the holding foreign companies accountable act? Because that's not how it works as I understand it.
    Companies must declare what percentage is owned by foreign governments and must open their books for three years to be scrutinized. And only then are banned from American stock exchanges. They aren't automatically banned according to this law. It depends on weather or not Chinese government has a controlling interest, their are some provisos in the law.

  9. Saagar tries to come up with a "left" version of american imperial hegemony. He doesn't get it, but the rest of the world is not complying to american colonial rule anymore. And, where exactly is Saagar's economic nationalism different from the one Trump was propagading?

  10. It's a cancer that is interwoven throughout our whole system. Did you really think we were a nation ran by it's people? Of course not, we are ran by greedy elites.

  11. At least the Chinese get nice government services, a government that actually takes care of the virus, etc. We already live in a surveillance panopticon with a thin veneer of "freedom." You're literally already monitored all day by google, apple, facebook, credit card companies, etc.

  12. China is not our enemy. But they do capitalism better than we do in many ways. We should get our own f-'d up house in order. Stop blaming China and Russia for our self-created mess.