Saagar Enjeti: Biden Is OFFICIALLY Jimmy Carter, But Worse

Saagar examines the historical parallels between the Biden Presidency and that of Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s when Biden was a young Senator from Delaware

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  1. 6:066:33 This tiny segment says so such. And Krystal's face says the rest. Isn't it just crazy how much history repeats itself? – Saagar

    The political pendulum will swing conservative but how far is the question. I would like to see DeSantis over Trump as this point. My gut wants Trump back just to be an antagonist against the left ideology but my head tells me that he really may not be the best choice. I really want the policies with less division in the country.

  2. Carter put solar panels on the white house in the 70s. Regan removed them as soon as he took over to show support for big oil. Look where we would be now if we continued with his energy policy.
    Everyone picks on Carter he inspired me as I was 18 and looking for a leader with positive energy.
    The legacy he leaves as a humanitarian and as a good Christian which doesn’t exist anymore is one of a kind for a president.

  3. Carter was competent and capable and even if he wasn't that effective he had some ideas Joe Biden has no concern and no idea and Jimmy Carter cared and he wasn't a grifter

  4. I called this when he was elected; but Democrats are in such a bubble they actually believe Carter was a good president. This is what happens when the liberal media propagandizes people. They believe Reagan was bad and Carter was good.

  5. Always got to throw out the "peanut farmer" thing like being a farmer is some kind of fault. Nobody describes him as former naval officer, or former Senator. Give the man the respect he deserves.

  6. Carter was a total trainwreck as a President, but a gem of a human being. Biden, while a total trainwreck of a President, is an absolute pile of fetid dogshit as a human being. Given a choice between the two, I'd bring back 97-year-old Carter to replace Biden today in a heartbeat.

  7. LOL XD Well mayyyybe not Carter's but american and british hands were VEEERY present in the whole Iranian confict (get a book on that one Saagar XD) we'll see what history says on the ukranian fuck-up.

  8. I remember a certain prior president predicting all of this. And as much of a jackass that guy was/is you could never convince me of voting for any current democrat. They are all fools and bafoons. Driven by an irrational fear of climate change. And font twll me they are doing a damn thing about it. Stopping drilling here only to buy it abroad is literally doing nothing but injuring our own economy. Republicans do nothing. Democrats do damage and spread discontent through the MSM. Vote them all out

  9. When the administration is SO BAD you move closer to the people you listen to BECAUSE you disagree with what they believe politically. How bad is biden. I listen to this channel to hear view points i disagree with. And more and more they moving closer to what ive always believed. That's how bad this administration is. I find mt political opponents agreeing with me. And that's plain scary. If you lived through carter you know what comes next. If you didn't you better start reading more about the politics of the 80's.

  10. Biden/US forced Russia to invade. Also they speak about Biden as the leader of the free world and then we have Assage's case. These Breaking Points people wanting to be the next honest thing in journalism?

  11. Biden literally had no support and that was evident at rallies which makes his historic midnight turnaround win so confounding. Please watch 2000 mules.

  12. My question is how much of the circumstances is Biden’s fault. As crystal conveyed on Maher, you can’t really point to one policy that’s Biden’s fault. Inflation is high worldwide . Gas prices are high worldwide. You said they don’t “meet the moment”. Some moments just suck and that’s the cards you’re delt. Especially with economic problems which have many causes, one man isn’t gonna be able to solve it. It’s literally cyclical and just part of the economic system we have. Just because he was around does not he would be able to solve it. That’s like blaming FDR for getting the US sucked into WWII because he was around to see WWI

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