Saagar Enjeti: Biden SECRETLY CAVES To China, Big Business On Trump’s Trade War

Saagar uncovers the details of Biden’s China policy that show the administration caving to China and big business at the expense of the trade war started by Trump

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  1. Wheres the coverage of the Indigenous led People Vs Fossil Fuels actions that are taking place in DC all week? Environmental leaders on the frontline fighting climate change need the support & spotlight. 200+ people have been arrested for peaceful protest. Cops pulled out the LRAD ( Long-Range Acoustic Device) to disperse full of women

  2. There was a 40 acre vacant lot in the heart of my city that used to be an American manufacturer and always wondered what would end up there. The CCRC, the largest Chinese train manufacturer, eventually won the contract by underbidding everyone else by more than half a billion dollars. Now it’s huge guarded facility flying the biggest Chinese flag I’ve ever seen, I mean I knew we were sell outs but jeez. I’m from western MA

  3. This is BS. The program already existed under Trump and is just being renewed—with far fewer categories for exemptions. Sadly Saagar is blatantly distorting things here just like the media he claims to call out.

  4. Can’t find the very clip I intended to comment, but I like and subscribe to K&S and would like them to expand a bit.
    Never heard a comment on Tulsi Gabbard’s refusal to sign a 5.000 pages bill when allowed only four hours to read it.

    Why so seldom about climate struggle?

    Why NOTHING about Biden’s dementia, which would explain why he’s seldom there.

    Why nothing about 9/11? It is BIG and cognitive dissonance make people unwilling to adapt to the overwhelming conclusive evidence of a false flag operation that now is on the table.

    Moreover about the polls, if Republicans lost, Democrats lost and Independents lost, who gained? The PP? Let’s hope so.

    The Norwegian sociologist, Johan Galtung, predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. He was a few years wrong. He also predicted the US turning into a fascist country. Is it here now, with corporations’s lobbyists ruling the country as they seem to actually write the laws?
    Julius Nyerere, former president of Tanzania, once commented that the US also was an one-party state, but with usual American exceptionalism, they have TWO!

    Cornell West, and many moresai

  5. 🗣️yap yap yap. Thats all you Western folks do, especially now a days that you're feeling hopeless… Thank goodness China ain't as ignorant as you guys and soon, it will be the world leading Superpower. Sick of you guys…

  6. Part of the reason American corporations want this "free trade" is so that they can have more access to the Chinese market – from within China. China has a highly restrictive market that actually protects their businesses and workers. Products sold in China must be largely made there (which used to be true here) while they are now able to sell Chinese-made products into our market. If it were actual free trade, there would be some reciprocity by allowing more American-made goods to be sold into the large Chinese market helping the American worker. Instead, the American worker is getting stepped on while those SELECTED American businesses get cheaper Chinese products here in the US and (token?) access to the Chinese market.

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