Saagar Enjeti: Biden Team CAUGHT Lying, Assures Wall Street They Will Be Stooges

Saagar Enjeti discusses who he believes Joe Biden will empower and work on behalf of if he is elected.

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  1. Hillary did the test of Democrat party to cast doubt on the election but
    the Dems have already set the table for this election. They have
    already delegitimized the election results before there are any results.
    The Dems will litigate this election to the end of time. The Dems
    have their paramilitary, BLM/Antifa, to burn the place down if they dont
    get what they want. The dems of old had the KKK as their paramilitary
    so they have a history of insurgents in place. The BLM/Antifa are like
    the brown shirts of the Nazis and the Blacks Shirts of Mussilini make no
    mistake they will come for you. This has already been like Crystal
    Night (Kristallnacht) in pre war Germany in the streets of Portland and
    Seattle, New York and Chicago..

  2. "The good thing about Trump is the people that hate him", also "The worst people on Earth want Biden to win". I guess we now know who to vote for as confirmed by both Saagar and Krystal.

  3. Are they really thinking about electing a man that can't finish a coherent sentence. Did we not learn anything from Obama? These are the same idiots that brought you obamacare what a disaster.

  4. If Biden & Co. were making assurances to Wall Street that the status quo will go on unchallenged & protected, that is not a lie. In fact, that's the only truth they probably said in their entire pathetic & corrupt lives.

  5. I think they planned to bring Biden into the WH trough their mailballot fraud and then he will recuse himself because of health issues then Kamela will become the next president of the USA

  6. In the meantime, the average person, who is continually being f*cked over by both sides, are are split on who is the best of a bad choice. What a f*cked up economy/society/political monstrosity of a country ye have got going there. The USA experiment is so full of idiosyncrasies, the mind beggars belief how it can continue.

  7. Question: Did George Soros buy control of the Democratic Party? He has reportedly donated to the party to the tune of 100 Billion Dollars. So the next question is who is in control? Biden needs a map to find his way out of his own basement. Kamala has 0 experience and is in no position to lead a pajama party. So who is pulling the strings as the puppets dance?

  8. Didn't the stock market skyrocket under Trump? Not that that is necessarily a great thing, but from their point of view, you would think they would like.

    There's most likely some other reasons why they hate him.

  9. Love how disingenuous Saagar is…in one breath he can be critical of the democrats and Biden but cannot use the same standards and criticisms to fairly judge the conservative side. What a moron, the suit is just a disguise.

  10. "…the worse people on Earth want Joe Biden to win the Presidency?" , Yet how many people will vote for him knowing Biden represents the establishment? The WaPo article clearly confirms that the corporatocracy and aristocracy wants "their man" in the drivers seat. They have no concern revealing their elite standing because they control the MSM and they know they can feed the under class what ever BS, and they'll believe what they're told.