Saagar Enjeti: BlackRock, Goldman CAUGHT In Chinese Pay To Play Scheme

Saagar lays out the extent to which Wall Street has been captured by China and he explains why the China question is crucial to the future of American politics and the economy

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  1. We live China alone. Also, “what do we do about the South China Sea” is a crazy thing to ask considering that CHINA is quite literally in its name, and America simply bullied and stole its way in that region.

  2. Go look up any major company on yahoo finance and look at their top 3 institutional investors (which comprise of the vast majority of investment liquidity) for… pretty much any publicly traded company. You'll start to notice a trend. Then do some research into ESG scores. Then look at China's housing market and realize that 1/5 of BlackRock's equity is in that bursting bubble… This House of Cards is soon to fall.

  3. One question is how China interacts with Afghanistan and Iran.

    I can’t say a France style revolution would be bad at this point,

  4. Sagaar’s anti China view is blinding him, China will rise and it will bring billions back to American investors, that’s why Wall Street is united behind that decision

  5. "What do WE do about Taiwan and China"? Saagar – how about we let Taiwan and China figure that out? We're not even in that hemisphere!!

  6. Sagaar, what did you mean by "turning America into a rentier society."? It sounds like you think rentier is the same as renter. But if you actually meant rentier, than that would only make sense as Blackrock being the rentier or commercial real estate investors being a rentier class, not all of society.

    TLDR Sagaar, stop using terms you kind of grasp.

  7. Nothing new. This has been going on for decades. That's right. Now you notice? CCP/China I knew this years ago. Do you think now you will concentrate on this and keep on top of this? While every news media was concentrating on Trump, CCP/China was eating our lunch, breakfast, and dinner. You have to get you and others to get this out there.

  8. Whenever discussing the issues with 'China', it's helpful to make the distinctions between China, the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of China; and the distinction between the central government in Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party, which is the center of all power. The PRC, technically, lacks military forces since the PLA is under direct control of the CCP. In a single party state, there is really no government other than the party

  9. China has been at war with the Western democracies for decades, and it’s insane that the CCP has been granted such free and open access to out markets. Had the USSR had the access the CCP does, not only would the Soviet Union have never fallen, but they would also be stronger today, than at any time in it’s history.

  10. "Covered up a disease ravaging international society"? In reality, local officials covered up a newly emerging virus in China for what, a week or two, before the central government broadcast warnings to the rest of the world. US officials did nothing. You think an extra week or two would somehow have produced a different result? That's insane. Saagar, you're so good as escaping DC-itis on most issues, but on China, you're deep down the Blob's rabbithole.

  11. So, Saagar's indignant that the Chinese mastered Capitalism three decades ago…??

    You should GO TO CHINA Saagar, and find out about what it's ACTUALLY LIKE, & why the Communist Party of China has 95 million members (it's the largest political organisation in the history of the World) – and the vast majority of them are farmers and low-skilled workers!

  12. This next decade or two is going to be must watch TV: Military Industrial Complex vs Wall Street

    MIC is trying to scare the public into the China fear to make massive profits….Wall St trying to lower tension to make money. Who will win????

  13. well, to be fair the US does this to the world on a regular basis. you crash the world economy, cheat foreign investors and even nations, then print money out of air, buy out and export your inflation to everyone . here in germany US investors own a very big part of the german dax index after the 2008 crash. so dont pretend to be any better then china when u invented this

  14. This is like the guys who thought it was alright to invest in the, “Business Friendly” Nazi controlled government of Germany, pre World War Two! How did that turn out?

  15. If somebody could go a head and put together a continuation of the infographic video from the end of 'The Other Guys' and show some of the big ones since then (Heros, Cares, etc) that would be great.

  16. Meh. Wall St doesn't love China as much as you think, and China isn't up for having an oligarchy model like the US. They are not going to allow runaway billionaires.

  17. Freeze them out hard. Decouple. Defend Taiwan. Goldman Sachs is indicted on treason to the American people. Black Rock is dissolved and the people who contributed to this company have all their assets frozen abd are thrown in prison for being stupid.