Saagar Enjeti: Can Elon Musk Bring FREE SPEECH BACK To Twitter?

Saagar gives his view of the decision by eccentric billionaire Elon Musk to purchase a large amount of Twitter stock after he has publicly criticized the company for its lack of free speech

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  1. We've gotten total lies on social media. Maybe we'll see some truth in a while, since Elon is taking over Censoring, Cancelling Twitter. The Twitter CEO, an Indian, already said the First Amendment wasn't important compared to "shaping" the public discourse. For instance, that "atrocity" in Ukraine they just bleated was "Russian", was actually done by the Ukraine Federal Police, who are all Nazis, not the Russians. That's why England blocked a UN forensic investigation into it, which would find out who really did it unless it's delayed. Why don't they want the truth out? Scott Ritter, Marine Pentagon Battle Analyst and UN Weapons Inspector, also says it was Ukrainian Nazis. EVERYTHING you hear about Ukraine is a lie. And now Germany has stolen Gazprom assets while the US denies Russian bond payments. This is economic escalation that will make the EU and US economies even Worse, since the sanctions have already backfired. BTW, the timing of the "atrocity" was to get bad PR for Russia, which is winning on the battlefield and about to destroy the Nazi Azov Battalion. It was also to distract EU and US citizens, who are starting to feel the pain from the Sanctions Backfire, which has hurt both economies a Lot more than they have Russia.

  2. Mackenzie Scott is the only billionaire I like. She's given 12 billion in the last year to charities whether this is to have write offs for the divorce settlement is unknown to me.

  3. This is one of the best news outlets. Bar-none. Stripped down truth. I think we should have town hall meetings on here- interactions with the hosts who are interacting with politicians and the elite who are willing to talk.

  4. A rare criticism of my two favorite independent media personalities:

    Whether you want to believe it or not, twitter has warped your brains. That 'blue check mark' makes public figures feel verrrry important. Given that most media members are part of the 'blue checks', it steers 99% of political discourse.

    I work in a large office and did a verbal poll before posting this. 1 person has EVER regularly used twitter. 1. Twitter is the problem not the solution

  5. Agrawal has zero grasp of the "free speech" implications of Twitter, in both politics and the larger culture of America — and certainly not as understood in the larger context of the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment. Someone of his mentality is exactly the wrong kind of person to helm a venture such as Twitter. Worse yet, Agrawal doesn't seem to care. I am more than somewhat skeptical that Elon Musk will be able to implement cultural change among Twitter executives and rank-and-file employees, who clearly see it as their right to censor Twitter account holders with whom they disagree politically, economically or culturally. The comments of Twitter employees, as shown on other social media platforms today, do not bode well for the future of free speech on Twitter. As a new member of the board of directors, and as a 9.1% shareholder, even as the largest single shareholder, Musk is not a position to simply issue orders and he cannot effectuate real change unless he can convince a majority of other directors to agree with him.

  6. Hunter’s laptop?? Omg.
    Anyway, Just want to say have sadly unsubscribed from this channel after the display over Amazon and AOC. Such a naked effort to get more clicks and followers at the expense of genuine journalism and critique, has left me even more disillusioned by diminishing sources of information. With SO MUCH at stake we need sincere, sensible deconstruction of the attacks upon EVERY democratic ideal and average American rights in this country. Even this title- Elon Musk as the answer to anything besides keeping up our modern FANTASY (or nightmare) nighttime story of late stage capitalism is a joke. Twitter is a joke too…all American social media has inherent design flaws in that it’s from and grows such capitalistic roots (Instagram, FB, Twitter, You Tube…)

    Sorry you guys are having a hard time during these strange times, sorry for the cynical way you’ve chosen to handle it. I won’t subject myself to any more of this, but dislikes if you show up in my feed.

  7. Sager really has some boomer opinions.” This in reality is a win of free speech u know, I love how free he is by going against the norm” what’s the norm “u know not being racist” “exploiting the government and your workers” “achieving a high position by literally buying it” right dude freedom has been protected. Nah dude it just got bought

  8. The Twitter CEO will eventually be forced out not because he can't improve the bottom line, but because anyone can improve Twitter's bottom line. This is not the intent of Elon Musk, and everyone knows it.

  9. Saagar doesn't understand US Corporate law: a private sector (even publicly traded) company is legally allowed to censor speech however it likes. The precedent in law is overwhelming. Social media are all run by private companies, and the US House of Representatives has abrogated any pretense of existing for the common good. Fairness doctrine was murdered in the streets like a Ukranian, except long ago under Reagan. And now the corporations own the government and the media.

  10. So you want a platform where you can say racist things and say it's free speech? Lol

    Its a private company. That's like allowing your workers to say racist things to other workers and then turn around and say… but it's free speech.
    That's not how the world works.

    You have private messages for that. Use whatsapp.

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