Saagar Enjeti: CCP Member CAUGHT REVEALING How China Will Use Wall Street To Control Joe Biden

Saagar Enjeti shares his concerns about how Joe Biden’s administration will deal with China.

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  1. China's only option is to try to buy us, they don't want that smoke. Whole business model over there is intellectual property theft and slave-labor via communism. Remember that when you read this on the phone they made. And for the record both parties sold us out to China, just different decades.

  2. Lol, that would be good for the US public and the disenfranchised in the US as the Chinese Administration wii be fair to all irregardless of their social standing. Finally the freeing of the American slaves from their colonial masters. Anyways have a nice day, be well and stay safe.

  3. This is such nonsense. The U.S govt unlike any other govt in history has engaged in more foreign meddling, overthrown more govt, interfered in more elections and has been at more more than all other countries combined. (being at war for over 220 years in a sub 250 existence speaks volumes).

    Moreover the context of what is being said vs what you're claiming doesn't jive. The U.S govt has always served wall Street, that is Capitalism central therefore, anyone who can dominate wall Street (Like Jeff Bezos) can manipulate U.S govt policy, just like all the oligarchs in the U.S do. (no public health care for example)

    This is not a problem of China, this is not the 60s, but what this is, is the twilight of the most brutal & hegemonic empire in recorded history, courtesy of the greed of Capitalism, not China.

    All Empires collapse from the inside, and as with all of them they blame outside actors.
    America the farewell tour by Chris Hedges, explains this quite nicely.

  4. And yet you have supported Biden over Trump for the whole election? How can you now criticise the people you have supported? It is unusual because in the very same talk the professor says they could not have the influence while Trump was in power. You make me sick!!

  5. Saagar, I'm sure you know but China and every country (not sanctioned) plus wealthy non citizens have access to our economy, and they take advantage of it. Interesting snip-it today revealing names of Jaravanka's new island neighbors – quite a few forefingers. Ivanks's patents, Hunter's dealings, all perfectly legal. Just saying we all want changes but geez sometimes it's so messed-up you need to start over.

  6. Hes saying that they r gnna use their dirt on Hunter to control Joe Biden, he saying that wall street used to be their lever of control. China owns our suposed next president. Where is the 24 hour media loop and hearings?

  7. Biden Presidency= jobs moves to China super power. Civil war in USA over jobs Nd foods because we have gun it will be bloodshed.. bowing ?‍♀️ to Chinease to give us some foood on our table SOON TO COME Americans ??????

  8. Finally, China rises and the US bitching about the same things they did to the whole world for the last 100 years! China is not trying to export its ideology and bomb countries into oblivion in the name of "democracy", and leave them in tatters! China is 4.000+ years old civilization and the largest economy and culture for most of its existence, it took them only 40 years to rise, and as Napoleon said 200 years ago: “Let China Sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world”! Greedy Wall Street bankers and hawks that tried to export "democracy" to China woke that giant after it's been asleep for 300 years!

  9. This is one of the biggest reasons we voted for Trump. We know Biden is in bed with China. Has family affairs wrapped in China.

    And China has been at war with us all this time. And if you don't think we're in war now… then you fail to see what war looks like in today's period. It is not bullets and blood and armies clashing. That would be too costly for China. Why destroy when you can take over?

  10. Wall Street is salivating at the opportunities in China. China for its part is simply honoring the WTO agreement of opening up the financial sector, and Professor Di's part of the conference was arguing for a more open China, to allow competition in the financial services sector and improve the quality of financial services in China.
    The part he talked about using Wall Street to influence Americans is just common sense, why wouldn't China exploit a monster created by Americans themselves?

    Still believe in that trickle down economics? sounds like America needs some Socialism. Jack Ma (China richest man) had his Ant Financial Service IPO stopped at the 11th hour for not complying with new regulation.
    in China, corporations no matter how big listens to the government, the government have the political responsibility to make sure they are loyal to the country, In America Wall Street controls the politicians, their loyalty lies with money.