Saagar Enjeti: CDC LIES Exposed On School Masking

Saagar exposes the CDC lies on masking children in schools that have repeatedly been used to justify mandating students mask in schools even as it harms cognitive development and mental health

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  1. Man Breaking Points audience and direction is a big reason I’ve really stopped watching. Saager tends to bend the truth more and doesn’t even focus on the economic aspects anymore. It’s all Hunter Biden, Maxwell case, and predicting we will be in like the 100th lockdown (which he has predicted wrongly each time). What happen to economic and class solidarity that this show used to be on the Hill? It feels like anti establishment just cause now no matter what is being discussed, and just diving down rabbit holes. Talk policy please I miss it. And Krystal start holding him accountable more. Your audience is going on the wrong direction since he has been in checked.

  2. Thanks for this, Saagar. I have been feeling like this show has been a little hesitant to call BS when it's clear regarding COVID and related policies. I now know you're not afraid to stand up for those unable to do it for themselves. It has been the most absurd thing to not vary response in various populations when we know that the response so easily stratifies by age group. Lockdowns for the least at risk populations did more harm than good. It has been so obvious to me since the beginning that I hesitate to hang this on incompetence except for the staggering level of incompetence we see consistently across all issues. Then again, maybe that incompetence is feigned. Lots of questions…

  3. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control primary schools ( 5 to 11 years of age) , the use of face masks is recommended for teachers and other adults when physical distancing cannot be guaranteed, but it is not recommended for students. Everyone else is recommended to wear a mask.

    Saager is a hack!

  4. Thank you Saagar. You are on a roll. Dirty data. One by medical Authoritarians. Censoring is rampant. There’s a darker agenda. As Brett Weinstein says “Stand Up.” can anyone grassroots wise start making product merch with “Stand Up”. such an entrepreneur could make a lot of money and provide a great service.

  5. I read David Zweig's story in the Atlantic, and New York Magazine. How do you know that Zweig's articles aren't bogus? I'll give him credit for talking to the people on the other side (which you don't do). Zweig makes some valid points, but he's using an impossible standard of evidence. We don't have randomized, controlled trials to tell us whether masks in schools are effective. We do have many studies, which Zweig didn't mention, which, taken together, do add up to strong evidence that masks prevent spreading of covid in schools.

    One flaw in Zweig's stories is that he claims that "We do know that they [masks] have drawbacks to children's development." What's the evidence for that? It's just as weak.

    The people at the CDC are doctors and professionals. They've been dealing with epidemics for 100 years. They've controlled epidemics of malaria, AIDS, Ebola, SARS-1, and many other emerging diseases. They've treated dying patients. Zweig has not. They know what they're doing.

    If you want to act like a journalist, why don't you get the other side? Daniel Griffin, at Columbia U., is a practicing doctor who treats covid-19 patients, and gives lectures to doctors on the latest evidence in treatment. He gives a weekly briefing on TWIV, and many media interviews. He gives advice to doctors and schools on masks and other precautions children should take in order to be safe. One of his issues is correcting misinformation in the media. If you really wanted to be accurate, you should call him up and listen to what he has to say.

  6. Get a grip, dude, relying on a study that might have some design issues is not the same thing as outright "lying." I thought independent media was supposed to be above the click baitiness of the MSM?

  7. It is entirely possible to understand the real value of masking when confronted with a truly dangerous respiratory virus AND to understand that we are doing this for show. There is a time and place for this measure. This is not the time or the place. Omicron is Gozilla saving Japan. Let it spread.

  8. CDC has been a joke throughout the pandemic, starting when the Trump administration politicized it and continuing with Biden and his goons who follow Trump's lead in that area as well. The solution is obviously vaccination, and no masks. The problem is that the teacher's unions in many states do not require their members to be vaccinated and so the schools can't focus on that, instead getting on the mask war in this country which is ridiculous considering how useless an average cloth mask is. Sad times for the children indeed.

  9. Just because the study was flawed doesn't mean it's findings are wrong. Frankly kids shouldn't even be in school during a pandemic. But if you're going to send them back, better to have them masked than to turn them all into plague rats.

  10. Stupid enough to intentionally create a weaponized virus, too cheap to do it safely, to cowardly to admit to it. Good going America, beacon of enlightenment, "freedom" and democracy. But of course, China and Russia are the dangerous ones…

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