Saagar Enjeti: CDC’S Mask Order Is A COMPLETE CLOWN SHOW

Saagar delivers a sharp criticism of the sudden reversal by the CDC on coronavirus guidelines

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  1. 0:50 youre falling into the trap Sgr. theyll make you beg for it. shifting the conversation from vaccines, to "we're all vaccinated here! let the good tier go outside, we demand it!". it is a fracture & sales strategy. & if you focus on hospitals & deaths – you'll expose that the vaccines arent needed. but rationally those are good markers to watch, for sure.


  2. The CDC should have never said it was ok to stop wearing masks. For as long as this virus is all over and spreading as wild fire, masks need to be worn.

  3. Im the #1 MaskDebater. Its a violation of our freedoms and dont give into their $100s or whatever their offering in your city

  4. “It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

    They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth.”

    -CS Lewis

  5. I agree. Why did I need a vaccine if I still have to wear a mask, social distance, sterilize my groceries, and carry pints of hand sanitizer?

  6. 300 deaths today and worsening quickly. I think the COVID stats are still quite dynamic and trending upward Enough to be flexible in ones cautionary conclusions. And to wear masks even if your max and 80 isn’t against the science which along with it because science is science. it’s not Wisdom in and of itself you might wanna wear a mask because you don’t know what other people are doing and you would like them to wear a mask not because you just won’t get the vaccine so fuck everyone else there’s a lot of other things to consider I think you’re wrong I think the CD she is

  7. 7:17 you were so close Saagar. Meanwhile those of us who are trying to go out and have some semblance of a life will be stuck wearing masks because of the actually vulnerable who refuse. Going out in public, it's painful to see special needs children and cancer survivors/chemo patients out in public not wearing a mask. These are the people we were supposedly protecting and yet they will do not even the bare minimum to protect themselves. I wear a mask not to protect them but to protect myself from them.

  8. We've now, through government, created a culture of people that hate masks. That's unfortunate, because many cultures have seen benefits in wearing masks during flu season. This isn't strictly about COVID. So I don't think Saagar is literally correct to say that wearing masks isn't supported by the science if he were speaking overall. I'm aware that he mostly means that the science of it's necessity when vaccinated isn't proven, which is fair. Scientifically, there is a benefit to people wearing masks out in public, in somewhat enclosed spaces. Less droplets fill the air as a result. This isn't a COVID exclusive benefit. I don't think that vaccinated folks should be worried about wearing masks specifically as it pertains to COVID. We could, as a society though, easily take the "it can't hurt, lets wear them during the winter months" at least or something approach, if people weren't so angry at the government and the media. Now people have legitimate reasons why they are mad at both, on both sides of the political spectrum.

    So unfortunate. Because now rather than wearing masks in certain settings being seen as logical, which it is (can't hurt, will most cases) it's seen as a sort of compliance with oligarchy or irrational fear of COVID, which it's not necessarily. Couple that with the White House statement about masks that we know isn't actually based on that data-driven logic but, is just political posturing, and now people REALLY hate it.

    I just wish people would think for themselves and form conclusions based on the best available evidence, but I understand that not everyone has time to very legitimately read between the lines. Not everything is about saying "we agree with the establishment" or "fuck you to the establishment." sigh

  9. What do you expect, we're led by complete morons who claim to be experts. Look at the hospitalizations and deaths, they're very low. We're not in an emergency, hospitals aren't being overrun. I'm not doing it. Sorry, I'm not going back to masks and neither should you. Just say no.

  10. Wow. This was aTrump Inaugural Address level establishment beatdown by Saager. Absolutely savage. Kudos to Krystal for not taking it personally as I know she identifies with the liberal whackjobs that Saager is savaging with this monologue. I feel like I just watched prime Mike Tyson knock somebody out in the first 15 seconds of a fight. Brutal!

  11. I DON'T believe in the vaccine. Pfizer hid data in the phase 2 trials to "prove" efficacy. According to Peter Doshi, the vaccine is only 19% effective, not 94%. Trusting Pfizer is unwise.

  12. seems like saagar does not grasp that even vaccinated people can spread the virus. thats why they are bringing back masks. a vaccine is no the silver bullet his monologue makes it out to be. it helps you to not die, not makes you immune to covid in all forms.

  13. Saagar's claim that the "case numbers" don't matter shows he doesn't understand how mutations in viruses can lead to natural vaccine resistance. Cases going up means the vaccines aren't doing enough to mitigate the disease, and each case is a chance the virus has to mutate.

    Of course, however, he is (mostly) correct in his analysis of the government's failure to effectively combat this disease. There are several critiques he fails to mention, but none of them are as deadly as the misinformation he spread about the importance of cases.

    But what do I know? I only have a bachelors of science in Biology.

  14. I have never heard anyone say that the vaccine is a silver bullet and the only thing that will eradicate the virus, except Saagar. The vaccine is the strongest weapon we have, but still not 100% effective and one of many strategies in a multi-layered set of precautions. Add to that the increased complexity and uncertainty of variants and we have a constantly moving target. The job of science is to respond to the changing conditions which is why the CDC guidance is mixed. I agree a more clear and consistent message would be helpful, but what information will be lost if we dumb it down? Media clickbait headlines don't help the situation. Saagar's motivation to get vaccinated is clearly just to get rid of COVID restrictions, which represents a low-level stage of moral/ethical decision-making. Any further need for restrictions with changing conditions is, therefore, unacceptable.

  15. Here's the CDC'S guidelines for counting COVID-19 deaths. I copied it straight from the CDC COVID-19 provisional death count website.
    COVID-19 deaths are identified using a new ICD–10 code. When COVID-19 is reported as a cause of death – or when it is listed as a “probable” or “presumed” cause — the death is coded as U07.1. This can include cases with or without laboratory confirmation.
    Here's the link:

  16. Just more proof that the Snowflakes among us run scared on a daily basis. They panic at the drop of a hat. They have no common sense. Don't care to have any common sense and would much rather try to force fellow Americans to be as paranoid as they are.

  17. THE VACCINE DOES NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION getting the vaccine is 100% for your own wellbeing and 0% for other people's wellbeing which is why it should be 100% an individual's choice.

  18. Thank you Saagar! I feel like I'm having this conversation 5x a day now in different forms, but it all essentially boils down to what you're saying here.

  19. Its not about power or submission to authority. Atleast its not for me. Wearing a mask even when i have the vaccine is showing support and protection to those who cant get the vax or chooses, tragically, not to take the vaccine coz of conspiratorial beliefs/ignorance/laziness to study it… its simple, we all need to do our part, personal liberty and comfort aside. Think about the golden rule: do to others what u want them to do to u. Protect, preserve and care for others. No politics, no ego, no selfish motivations. People need to start caring for others and stop being entitled and selfish!

  20. The losses that mounted up after the last "Fauci Roundup" during the AIDS crisis, (anyone remember AZT, Act Up and Larry Kramer's warning?) made this leftwing girl extremely vaccine hesitant! Now all the rightwing podcasts are talking about the new "Christian Persecution" and UN Detainment Camps"! Just heard Alex Jones today and its like the RW broadcasters dream of dreams out there! Not good. Not Very Not Good.?

  21. Well a thinking man would reasonably deduce that the VAXX and the mask have 2 different and unrelated objectives. I wonder what is really in those VAXX. No effing way I will trust any fool trying to railroad me into this bulshyt that is being planned.

  22. These morons are the same people who cant deal with pot holes in roads, why did anything think they would kick into gear and become effective in a pandemic.