Saagar Enjeti: Chinese HEIST OF THE CENTURY Shows Why US Elites Are Fools

Saagar covers the important story of how China pulled off the semiconductor heist of the century and what it tells us about US elites more broadly

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  1. at one point you should also realized that wokeneess is another tool in the hands of the CCP. Basically any self preserving stance of the West (if it still exists) can be now labelled as "racist".

  2. China clearly proves that capitalism neither needs, protects nor guarantees representative government. Saagar, maybe you can see it better while China bashing, just like the MSM from which you (plural) claim to distinguish yourselves. But you need to examine a bit more closely the effects domestic capitalist atrocities and their global projection!

  3. It's amazing that people act suprised. When our American brothers and sisters had their union jobs shipped out of the country nobody cared. So we get what we deserve.

  4. I seem to remember a guy who understood very well that China’s intent was nefarious. He even put tariffs on trade with them. He was called a racist by the Left, and the Chinese unleashed a bioweapon in response.

  5. Great segment, Saagar! One critique though. It's just pronounced "arm" not "A-R-M." It made my head hurt Everytime you spelled it out. It's like calling NASA N-A-S-A ?

  6. China is doing this everywhere in the world, not just America. Africa, parts of South Asia and going into South America. China has mastered how to capitalize on human greed.

  7. "Can't afford to miss out on the growth of Chinese companies" in an era when …
    … Chinese growth is slowing?
    … We may end up at war with China?
    … China can expropriate those gains, and funnel them towards Chinese investors instead?

    New York investors are not very bright, sometimes.

  8. And we should have less regulations? Conservatives force deregulation, forcing greed… forcing pure capitalism… now they are back tracking? I’m confused.

  9. They have a 5yr, 10yr, 20, 50 etc year plan of how they want their economy and country to run and be at.
    Our politicians can't see past the fundraiser for the next election cycle.