Saagar Enjeti: Class Divide GROWS As Non-White Voters Flee Dems

Saagar takes a deep look at the class divide and education divide driving non-white voters away from the Democratic party and shaping culture war battles

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Trita Parsi:

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  1. I went to a 1,000.00 an hour college. Highly liberal, and Quacker. I am conservative, black/white/ Indian, married and Christian. The democrats have lost their minds.
    Dr. Beverly Tatum (a black woman), in her book, "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria," coined Latinx. CRT is just that, a theory. Anti-American.

  2. Funny how they don’t point out that the reason for this is that colleges have become indoctrination centers, and instead of teaching “how to think,” they now demand students completely agree with their leftist extremist and socialist professors.

  3. The class divide is overwhelmingly based on your economic status. Let's be real and get to the root of it if you're going to talk about it.

  4. I disagree a plumber making 100k a year does not know the struggle like a broke film student. I agree that degrees brainwash people but as much as I may agree with the plumber more he is not my class the broke person is. That plumber is voting for trump is ignoring v dare is anti immigrant. The broke film kid is also dumb. So I have no one but I won't let a plumber who mocks Latin x and votes for trump think they are on my side.

  5. Sanger’s assumption that non whites will leave Dems for the fascist republicans is laughable. The guy believes his party is not nazi’s and that regular people are flocking to their Christian fascist bullshit and tax breaks for the mega wealthy.

  6. So how should a good Marxist vote? If the Dems are the bourgeoisie and republicans proletariat? 😁 Totally agree with analysis, was the same with Brexit etc. Hiadt's 'righteous mind' essential reading imho

  7. it's beyond just having a four year degree, you actually have to believe the newspeak sh*t they pump out of schools. It's not enough to study it, it's actually a belief system and you must be faithful in order to be among the elite chosen few.

  8. It’s not about college degree it’s about money . Class = money . Most of your billionaires don’t have a college or masters degree. Saager needs to get out of Washington DC and New York . Washington DC is not the real United States

  9. So the broke film student is upper class and the multi-millionaires on Fox who complain about wokeism all day are what? Middle class? Lower class if they pretend to care about economics while a democrat is president? This should just be titled "Saagar doesn't have any idea what class is."

    Go ahead and make the case that democrat politicians are completely out of touch and don't care about working people. That's true. It doesn't have anything to do with class.

  10. I guess I'm lucky I went to a 2 year college where we didnt have any social science classes. It was drafting, math, writing composition, and surveying classes only. So all the benefits of a college degree with non of the social brainwashing. Best decision I ever made.

  11. Gotta say, while I'd identify as being more on the left being fresh out of a 4 year degree I can totally see how easy it would be to accept the elite narrative if you fall down the bs neo-liberal pipeline that exists at most higher education institutions…

  12. Gotta say, while I'd identify as being more on the left being fresh out of a 4 year degree I can totally see how easy it would be to accept the elite narrative if you fall down the bs neo-liberal pipeline that exists at most higher education institutions…

  13. The only party is have’s Vs have not’s! The government Vs The people! The peasants Vs The elites! America conflates “Race” or ethnicity with social economic class! This is by design to keep the masses arguing & choosing ideological teams!

  14. So the sooner you can exit the Democrat factory system the better? So education isn’t about learning but rather indoctrinating to ensure a solid voter base? And they make people pay for the privilege of becoming a Democrat voter by putting them in debt for the next 3 decades after they graduate?

  15. I went to college at a liberal arts college in Chicago. I graduated in 2012. It took me YEARS to deprogram what I was taught. My wife has a masters. All I can say is, my wife and I don’t want our two kids getting indoctrinated at college. We’ll likely encourage vocational schools and small business ownership.

  16. Wow this makes so much sense.
    It really is a cult, indoctrinating the most vulnerable which are children. Yes teenagers (18/19) are still children despite being legal adults.

  17. It’s not a class issue. It’s a culture issue. The left took over the universities in the early 20th century and converted them into a system of de-acculturation instead of the system of acculturation they were supposed to be. Instead of creating an educated American elite the IS university system creates a mal-educated anti-American elite.

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