Saagar Enjeti: Dems, media CAUGHT covering up coronavirus outbreak data from protests

Saagar Enjeti blasts the media for their coronavirus coverage on Covid-19 spikes related to George Floyd protests and Trump rallies.

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  1. It’s a real virus but a massive hoax. Figure it out or you will look like fools. You got Dem cover up right but not Covid narrative hoax as ur country dies. Wise up. You’re supposed to be independent. You’re right we about gaslighting, but about entire narrative. The game is over and we are shutting the hoax down.

  2. What about the homeless not impacted as much as other groups?
    Their living situation go against all CDC and "expert" advice. They can't always bathe it wash their hands. Sometimes, digging through trash for food.
    So, I believe their immune system is stronger than most others.
    Any answers?

  3. In Florida, the local media channels have been covering a story about the FLDOH changing the positive numbers. Orlando Health said their positive numbers was 9.4% not 98%. The VA says they are at 6%. They are also reporting that labs & clinics are not reporting negative numbers. Tracers are also not allowed to ask if they protested. MSM is saying FL is an “epicenter”.

  4. Krystal and Sagger, all of the so-called experts need to step up and tell the American people the truth. There is no magic bullet or safe and effective vaccine. Nor is there likely to be one anytime soon.

    You already have a hundred and fifty thousand needless deaths. And tens of thousands more to come. The solution is easy access to excellent Primary Care and follow-up. Whenever you think you need to see a doctor. No co-pays no deductibles.

    They're not going to be able to dance their way out of Universal Healthcare this time. I'm glad the young people are going out protesting. Spreading and keeping covid-19 alive until their government does the right thing. The emergency activation of Bernie Sanders Medicare for all. No co-pays, no deductibles.

    Your politicians have been waging war on YOU! for a long time now. But the tables have turned. With the help of covid-19, young people have got them by the balls. In any war there will be casualties. But a lot more of those old predators will go to their grave than will young people.

    So get out there and protest. Make them feel the Burn..??☠️⚰️????

  5. individual acceptance of risk is fine if it only effects you. Heroin for example, you OD, that's on you. This is different, not so obvious to the talking heads

  6. Saagar comes off looking horrible here. Drunken drug fueled orgies at Lake of the Ozarks during a pandemic is not the moral equivalent of people protesting police brutality and the death of multiple guaranteed freedoms.

  7. People at the protests are masked up, brought extra masks, hand sanitizer, face shields etc… the difference at the rally is that people were openly encouraged not to wear masks or social distance

  8. The spike in positives surely has nothing to do with the previous positives being retested and testing positive again. They dont report or record anything more than positive results only.

  9. Both major parties lie & distort because "winning" is all that's important in our society today. Ethics be damned. Shame that so many people believe their false narratives.

  10. Wow Saagar usually has all basis covered but on this one either he ignored a very important factor or is becoming what he despises a bias media outlet but saagar the virus dies on contact with sunlight or UV rays unlike trump's indoor rallies where its known to actually spread quicker indoors.. smh… give ALL the info or dont give us any

  11. What is consistent? At least you see some protesters wearing masks? They are supporting innocent people not getting killed compare to going to a Trump’s rally. Huge difference!!!